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Copilot in Microsoft Teams: Top 5 Uses (with Prompts)
Blog //17-04-2024

Copilot in Microsoft Teams: Top 5 Uses (with Prompts)

by OneAdvanced PR, Author

There’s no doubt that staying at the forefront of AI advancements is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge. Microsoft Copilot is leading this charge, offering a revolutionary AI chat tool that's transforming organisational efficiency and innovation. With technological change accelerating, Copilot places you in an optimal position to leverage AI's vast potential for smarter work practices.

Microsoft Copilot is more than just a new addition to your toolkit - it's a pivotal change agent within the Microsoft 365 suite, reshaping how we tackle tasks and projects. It brings a comprehensive set of functionalities to your fingertips, simplifying complex workflows through straightforward prompts. This capability is what differentiates you in a competitive field, providing unparalleled access to knowledge and tools exactly when you need them.

In this blog, we'll explore the top 5 use cases for Copilot within Microsoft Teams, highlighting how this AI tool can enhance your organisation's communication and collaboration. Welcome to a smarter way of working, where AI complements human creativity to achieve remarkable results.

Top Copilot Uses in Microsoft Teams

Summarise Meeting Notes

Microsoft Teams serves as the central hub for workplace meetings, which are crucial for driving projects forward. The real value of these meetings lies in translating discussions into actionable items. However, manually taking detailed notes can be challenging and sometimes results in unclear or incomplete information.

Microsoft Copilot simplifies this process by summarising your Microsoft Teams meetings into concise notes with just a prompt. Whether during the meeting or from the recap screen, asking Copilot to "Summarise the meeting in simple notes" efficiently captures the essence of your discussion. You can tailor prompts to fit specific needs, such as generating a list of mentioned locations, making your meeting summaries even more useful.

Catch Up When Attending Late

Unforeseen delays can disrupt anyone's schedule. Microsoft Copilot ensures that you quickly get up to speed with missed parts of a meeting by providing a summary of key points upon request. Simply asking Copilot to "summarise the meeting so far, with all the key points" brings you into the loop, ready to contribute. Its meeting recap function also helps review any missed details, ensuring you're fully informed about the discussion.

Using Chat to Create Agendas

A well-structured agenda is essential for productive meetings. Microsoft Copilot streamlines agenda creation, leveraging organisational data to craft effective outlines swiftly. Initiating this is as easy as requesting, "make an agenda for my meeting with Claire about business operations." Adjustments can be made through simple dialogue with Copilot, ensuring your agenda precisely meets your meeting's objectives.

Capture and Assign Actions

Beyond summarising discussions, Copilot can detail specific post-meeting actions for each participant, enhancing clarity and accountability. Asking Copilot to "summarise everyone’s post-meeting actions" generates a clear list of responsibilities, ensuring tasks are understood and preventing any confusion over who is doing what.

Catch Up on Messages After Leave

Returning from leave often means catching up on a barrage of information. While emails and memos provide a snapshot, they miss the nuances of day-to-day interactions. Copilot offers a solution by summarising missed conversations in Teams chats. A request like "summarise everything I’ve missed in the R&D chat since I went on vacation" allows you to quickly grasp the developments during your absence, without the need to sift through a mountain of messages manually.

Microsoft Copilot in Teams is transforming how we approach communication and collaboration, making it easier than ever to stay informed and productive.

However, going further than this, you can also ask Copilot if certain things have been discussed or addressed in that time. Simply just ask a question, such as ‘has the R&D team developed the second prototype name since I went on vacation?’ and Copilot will be able to use its organisational data to be able to work out the answer.

How to Get Started

Microsoft Copilot is a strong piece of technology that truly enriches Microsoft Teams, and lets you take the capabilities of the premier communications software to the next level. Using Copilot, you can easily shorten tasks that would take hours, and make sure that you’re in the loop at all times, no matter what.

If you’re looking to take advantage of Copilot but don’t know where to start, reach out to us today. Our experts are here to help you get started and will make sure that Copilot is set up properly within your organisation while also answering any questions you may have.

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