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Digital Transformation: A Stepping Stone to AI Transformation?

24/06/2024 minute read OneAdvanced PR

Introducing Our Legal ‘Sector Brains’

At OneAdvanced, our team of legal technology thought leaders, known internally as the ‘Sector Brains’, is dedicated to anticipating and addressing the legal sector’s future needs. Drawing from their extensive experience and OneAdvanced’s 30 years of insights working with law firms, they provide practical guidance to help firms navigate the complexities of technology adoption.

Doug Hargrove
Doug Hargrove is the Managing Director of Legal at OneAdvanced. With over three decades of experience in the technology sector, Doug is a pioneer in developing and implementing cutting-edge solutions for the legal industry.

Emma Hatto
Emma Hatto is the Head of Legal Technology Products at OneAdvanced. She brings a wealth of knowledge and over 10 years of experience working at law firms.

Lewis Renfrew
Lewis Renfrew is a Senior Technology Consultant at OneAdvanced. With a deep background in solution configuration, Lewis specialises in helping firms integrate advanced technologies to enhance their legal practices.

The Critical Trends in Legal – Our Experts’ Thoughts

We recently engaged our legal technology experts to discuss the profound changes technology is bringing to the legal sector. We posed the question: Is digital transformation complete, and is the future of law firms centered around AI transformation?

The answer was nuanced. While AI is undoubtedly powerful, there are risks. The best approach is to prepare, think ahead, and make technology decisions that keep the path open to AI, especially around data.

Digital Transformation: A Stepping Stone to AI Transformation?

Lewis Renfrew weighs in, “The legal sector recognised the value of digital transformation decades ago. Now, it’s about more than just keeping up – it’s about staying ahead. Your basic digital approach, especially around data, is crucial for enabling successful AI transformation. We can help with that.”

AI and Ethical Walls: Reconsidering the Legal Stack for Compliance

“There are going to be many subtle effects from AI, especially on the legal sector.” states Lewis. “Let’s look at just one, the issue of ‘ethical walls’.

“As AI advances, with multiple cloud set ups and different models in play, law firms may need to rethink their approach to ethical walls and database management. These systems, which prevent conflicts of interest and ensure confidentiality, must evolve to integrate AI responsibly.”

He elaborates, “The impact of AI on data is significant. It could blur compliance in complex, difficult to anticipate ways. Law firms need to anticipate where new digital ethical walls may need to be built into their technology stack.”

What are the Benefits of Artificial Intelligence for the Legal Sector?

Emma Hatto shares her insights: “AI’s capabilities extend beyond simple automation, it looks set to bring enhancements in data analysis, predictive analytics, and decision-making processes.” She sees benefits around data analysis, at impressive scale. “This enables law firms to analyse vast amounts of data quickly and accurately, providing insights that were simply unattainable. This and new ways to interact with clients could be powerful, they could change the way law firms do business, but there are risks.”

Data Curation: ‘Garbage In, Garbage Out’

“The principle of ‘garbage in, garbage out’ is critical when leveraging AI in legal practice,” says Emma. “High-quality curated data is essential for AI to deliver accurate and valuable insights for your business. Law firms must get serious about data curation. With data pollution on the rise and questionable synthetic data being used to train models, relying on publicly available AI can lead to flawed outcomes. Your own data will be the source of truth going forward, making it imperative to invest in proper data management practices now.”

The Risks and Gains of AI

Doug Hargrove provides a balanced perspective: “AI can revolutionise the delivery of legal services by automating routine tasks and uncovering valuable trends in data that can assist decision making. However, in determining valuable use cases it is important to consider potential biases within AI algorithms, the responsible use of data and the ethical implications of AI decision-making.”

Beyond AI: Enhancing Client Relationships and Cyber Security

Doug Hargrove highlights two other important trends: enhancing client relations and cyber security.

Enhancing Client Relationships Through Technology

Client expectations continue to evolve and become more demanding, with a growing need for greater transparent, efficiency, and personalised legal services. Technology can play a crucial role allowing law firms to significantly enhance their client relationships. Doug notes, “Technology empowers law firms to offer more personalised and responsive services, which is increasingly what clients expect.”

Cyber Security: A Top Priority

Cyber threats continue to rise and law firms often hold very sensitive client information that can be targeted by cyber criminals. As a consequence the protection of sensitive client data is a priority for law firms. OneAdvanced services include robust cybersecurity measures designed specifically for the legal sector. “Cybersecurity is not just about compliance; it’s about trust,” says Doug. “Law firms must safeguard their clients’ data to maintain their reputation and client trust.”

How OneAdvanced Legal Experts Can Help Your Firm

Our deep understanding of both the legal industry and technology enables us to provide solutions that drive efficiency, enhance client service, and ensure regulatory compliance. With our internal experts, we are committed to guiding your firm through technological transformations, ensuring you stay ahead in a rapidly evolving landscape. Learn more