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Transforming service management: Advanced partners with ServiceNow ITSM

Transforming service management: Advanced partners with ServiceNow ITSM

by OneAdvanced PR, Author

With customer obsession at the heart of what we do at Advanced, we are making major investments in our services to enhance the IT user experience and deliver excellence to the organisations we work with. We are excited to announce our partnership with ServiceNow to deliver a best-of-breed IT Service Management platform for our customers.

Founded in 2004, ServiceNow has become a leader in digital transformation, offering innovative tools and technologies to streamline operations and improve the overall customer experience. ServiceNow is a platform designed to help manage IT services and support within a company. It provides a streamlined system for handling requests and issues, improving efficiency and response times. The company's solutions help organisations automate routine tasks, improve communication and collaboration, and gain insights into their operations to drive better decision-making.

By transitioning to ServiceNow, Advanced are taking a major step forward in our commitment to providing our customers with exceptional service. With its advanced features and capabilities, we are confident that this platform will help us improve our processes and enhance the services we provide. Our customers will benefit from improved service delivery, faster response times, a higher level of support, real-time insights and analytics, and increased automation and streamlining of service requests.

The benefits of Advanced’s new ITSM, powered by ServiceNow include:

  • Improved visibility and control over IT services and assets
  • Faster resolution of issues and requests
  • Reduced manual effort and errors through automation
  • Enhanced collaboration and communication between departments
  • Better alignment with industry best practices and standards
  • Increased flexibility and scalability to support business growth and change

“The move to ServiceNow is fundamental for our organisation. This investment underlines our commitment to deliver a world-class IT experience to our customers and represents a step-change in how services will be consumed. Our priority is to increase the value customers gain from our partnership, and the move to ServiceNow is a critical part of our digital transformation and integral to our service objectives.” Rob Davies, Managed Services Practice Director, Advanced.

Advanced provide mission-critical services and support that help businesses focus on their core activities while accelerating and transforming digitally. Through our range of services, including full IT outsourcing, cloud, security, managed services and more, we strive to make a difference to millions of lives every day by making the complex simple, inspiring innovation and delivering exceptional customer service.

For years, we have empowered many global brands, so you can rely on our unique expertise and vast experience to craft a reliable roadmap, unlocking the capability and flexibility to take your business into a robust & digital future. Get in touch today to learn how we can help your organisation.

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