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Mental Health Awareness Week 2018: How we’re reimagining Mental Health
Blog //18-05-2018

Mental Health Awareness Week 2018: How we’re reimagining Mental Health

by Julie O'Connor, Head of Product Management (Community and Mental Health), OneAdvanced

This year’s theme for UK Mental Health Awareness Week is ‘Stress and creating a mentally healthy workplace’. In their 2018 survey, the Mental Health Foundation found that in the past year, ‘74% [of 4,619 respondents] have felt so stressed they have been overwhelmed or unable to cope’. Meanwhile, a survey carried out by the mental health charity Mind in 2013 found that work is overwhelmingly the factor that causes people the most stress, even more so than other challenges such as debt and financial issues. Of the 2,000 survey participants, one in three people (34%) found their work life either very or quite stressful – so it’s absolutely an issue that should get us talking.

At Advanced, we’re committed to opening up the discussion around mental health and wellbeing by helping organisations around the UK deliver mental health care to their patients. We’re proud to work with the NHS and other Public Sector organisations on developing our software solutions to enable their employees to offer the best support possible to patients and service users. Of the Global Digital Exemplars for Mental Health, announced in 2017, three are our customers, who are all working towards providing innovative approaches in the way digital technology can improve patient outcomes while also driving efficiencies. We worked with these Trusts to demonstrate evidence as to how each would deliver accelerated innovation and a blueprint for other organisations to follow.

We’re dedicated to contributing to digital advancement within the Public Sector, as we know that our support can help these organisations deliver improved outcomes for patients and service users. For skilled but strained Public Sector employees, adaptive and intuitive technology that replaces slow, paper-based systems could be the answer to combating the challenges of a stressful work environment.

Together, we want to work with you to implement technology that allows your organisation to step forward towards a more digital future, transforming outcomes for patients and service users while also making the workplace a more positive place for your staff.

This Mental Health Awareness Week, there are lots of resources for employers and employees to help support those affected by stress in the workplace. You can read the Mental Health Foundation report on stress here, and use their tool to figure out your own levels of stress. The charity Mind has published some guidance on how you as an employer can offer support, as well as some tips and advice for staff feeling the pressure.

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Julie O'Connor

Julie O'Connor


Head of Product Management (Community and Mental Health), OneAdvanced

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