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NHS NW Surrey Clinical Commissioning Group chooses Docman Share
Press //08-07-2016

NHS NW Surrey Clinical Commissioning Group chooses Docman Share

by Ric Thompson, SVP - Health & Care

Advanced, the leading provider of electronic document management and transfer of care solutions is pleased to announce that NHS North West Surrey CCG has chosen Docman Share to provide secure access to the latest patient documents to support its Locality Hubs under its new models of care.

The CCG has established a fully integrated, patient-centric frailty service based in Locality Hubs, a physical location which house GP-led multi-disciplinary health and social care teams. The service provides all assessment and planning, preventive, proactive and reactive care and rehabilitation for an identified cohort of patients; supported by diagnostics, pharmacy and transport services. This innovative model of care works across acute, community, mental health, pharmacy, social care and voluntary sector, offering integrated services that meet the patients’ holistic needs.

To support the delivery of the service, the CCG will implement the Docman Share solution to provide access to information and documents to complement its shared clinical record. Docman Share supports record sharing by providing access to the latest version of a clinical document and the associated clinical information to help contribute towards a complete view of that record.  In the future, Docman Share can be used to store and access any type of digital asset, such as images.

The project covers 42 GP practices across North West Surrey providing access to over 7,800,000 documents and the millions of pieces of information within the documents for the Locality Hubs.

Kerry Maddison, Programme Manager, NHS North West Surrey Clinical Commissioning Group “We have an ageing population, are battling with reduced budgets and funding, and there’s an over reliance on hospitals and residential care. We want to focus on prevention and early intervention and to do this we need to provide connected systems between social and health care. There is currently duplication, lack of coordination and fragmented services, so we are on a journey to coordinate and align our services across providers. By providing access to records, audit trails of information we can explore ways of managing complex pathways in the most efficient and cost effective ways.”

“With the strategic direction set in the Five Year Forward View, the Sustainability and Transformation Plans and the Local Digital Roadmaps we have been working towards better data sharing between health and social care. Docman Share supports us with this.”

 “Docman Share will enable us to share documents between practices and the Locality Hubs so we have access to the latest patient information. The cost savings will be a great relief and the benefits of having all this information centrally will ensure information is available to the right person at the right place. This means we will not need to rely on paper, and we will be well positioned to enable access to clinical documents, including transfer of care to support the delivery of an integrated digital care record.”

Ric Thompson, Managing Director, Health and Care, Advanced said “We are really excited to be working on this innovative project in Surrey, supporting the delivery of Locality Hubs ensuring all healthcare professionals have access to the latest patient information. Our platform is ideally placed to enable the support for the delivery of new models of care and ways of working. Having access to the millions of documents and associated clinical information is so important to deliver the quality of care when working in these new ways.”

This new solution for secure access removes barriers and facilitates new possibilities and new ways of working. This is applicable but not restricted to GP federations, out-of-hours services, secondary care settings and sharing records across a CCG or group of CCGs. In addition, Docman Share has the ability to plug into various consumer application portals such as the Integrated Care Record that many CCGs are now embarking on.

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Ric Thompson

Ric Thompson


SVP - Health & Care

Ric joined OneAdvanced in July 2018 following the acquisition of his successful business - Docman, a leading Cloud-based software provider to the NHS. Ric brings over 19 years of board level experience, where he is renowned for taking an entrepreneurial approach to lead businesses success by delivering innovative technology solutions across the public sector.

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