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Nugent Care look to put the fun back into finance with Advanced Financials and MyWorkplace
Blog //21-05-2021

Nugent Care look to put the fun back into finance with Advanced Financials and MyWorkplace

by Mark Dewell, MD of Commercial and Third Sector

Advanced announces another customer graduating to their Cloud solutions

Longstanding OpenAccounts customer Nugent Care are looking to the future with Advanced, moving onto their Advanced Financials financial management solution.

We’re pleased to share that Nugent Care, the largest education, health and social care charity in Liverpool, are extending their relationship with Advanced by adopting its Cloud-based financial management solution, Advanced Financials. Nugent Care have been a long standing customer of Advanced for not only financial management but also for their care home management software, Caresys.

Nugent have a Cloud-first strategy across the charity and were looking at how their finance solutions could move onto the Cloud. Upon finding out more about Advanced’s offering, Advanced Financials, they were immediately impressed.

Julia Shaw, Head of Finance at Nugent Care, commented: “We were introduced to Advanced Financials by our account manager at Advanced and were impressed by how user friendly the solution was. The product fits with our Cloud-first strategy and we love that it is a Software-as-a-Service model. Once we delved into the solution we could see that it absolutely hit the spot and is exactly what we need. We love it. From the price, to the support and the scalability of the solution, we could see it was perfect for us.”

One of the main drivers for change at Nugent was not only the move to the Cloud, but a drive to save time for the finance department. Julia added, “With Advanced Financials we can flash financial results to the CEO and COO in simple dashboards. They can see ongoing performance against budget in a user friendly way which streamlines processes and reduces anxiety for us. At the moment we use PDF reports and excel to give to senior team members a view of performance and we have to jig it around a lot to give them a view of what’s going on. We’re looking forward to being less scared of the numbers with Advanced Financials.”

Another aspect of Advanced Financials which Nugent were impressed by was the MyWorkplace platform. MyWorkplace is Advanced’s cloud platform which brings not only Advanced products together in one place but third party solutions and partner applications too. MyWorkplace is designed to surface specific ‘applets’ of functionality to users within their ‘desk’ to make it easy for them to quickly complete tasks in the software. Julia commented, “One of the things which knocked our socks off was MyWorkplace. You can simply press a button to raise a purchase order or input expenses. MyWorkplace is such a huge win as it makes it so easy for people to access systems. People in our business are getting system fatigue and this is going to make it so much easier from an adoption perspective. There is often a reticence to use systems and people say ‘we don’t know how to do it.’ MyWorkplace will help us change this culture within the organisation.” 

The team at Nugent Care are looking to go live in the summer, and are already looking ahead to the impact Advanced Financials will bring. Julia told us, “Moving to Advanced Financials means that our finance teams can stop doing the boring admin stuff and focus on value adding tasks which are going to drive a difference at Nugent Care. Often finance teams can end up doing arduous tasks, important tasks, but ultimately not what we want to spend our time on. We want our finance teams to focus on work they enjoy doing, and ultimately have fun at work, and Advanced Financials is going to enable us to do just that which the added automation and reporting it brings.”

Mark Dewell, Managing Director – Private, Public and Third Sector at Advanced, commented: “We’re absolutely delighted that Nugent Care have chosen to extend their partnership with us as they undergo their transformation into the Cloud. Many organisations are reviewing their software in light of Covid-19 and accelerating their path to Cloud software systems as organisations require further efficiency than ever before. We’re looking forward to continuing our work with Nugent to ensure their charity continues to grow and succeed.”

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Mark Dewell

Mark Dewell


MD of Commercial and Third Sector

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