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OneAdvanced launches eight sector-focused software portfolios underpinned by the OneAdvanced platform to power the world of customers work
Press //15-04-2024

OneAdvanced launches eight sector-focused software portfolios underpinned by the OneAdvanced platform to power the world of customers work

by OneAdvanced PR, Author

Birmingham, 15th April 2024: OneAdvanced is today announcing the launch of eight sector-focused software portfolios that bring together the end-to-end processes that power their customers businesses. Enabling companies to drive greater productivity, improved collaboration and delivering a great user experience for their customers. OneAdvanced’s deep sector knowledge powers the following eight sectors:  

  • Colleges, improving the learner experience.
  • Care providers, enabling carers to spend more time caring.
  • Healthcare, supporting front line patient services.
  • Social housing, getting more families into homes faster.
  • Law practices, supporting their clients with the bigger moments in life.
  • Distribution & logistics firms, ensuring supply-chain excellence.
  • Government, delivering citizen-first services.
  • Commercial services, ensuring efficient front line service delivery.

The pace of technological innovation demands an increasing amount of effort from companies. OneAdvanced’s platform enables companies to access these technological innovations, providing the benefits of these new technologies to be realised and embedded in their operational systems:

  • Data & AI: access to Data & AI services enhancing digital workflows, aiding user productivity.
  • User Experience: common user interface and experience; simplifying accessibility in accordance with WCAG 2.1/2.2 AA.
  • API’s: API templates to enable other software solutions to ‘inter-connect’ utilising the platform.
  • Security: identity & access management; multi-factor authentication; role-based access control; data security.

“Thanks to OneAdvanced, we’re unlocking new levels of efficiency and collaboration within our teams.  We don’t just look for software, we look for key relationships and ongoing commitments to organisational transformation, we’re powering the world of work together with OneAdvanced” said Sean Edwards, Projects and Business Solutions Manager, Glaisyers ETL.

Simon Walsh, CEO, OneAdvanced said: “As part of our evolution to serve customers’ needs, we are modernising the way we deliver our software to power the world of work. It solidifies our commitment to helping companies thrive in today’s fast-paced, evolving, and digital world in some of the most critical sectors in society. We focus on realising a positive impact on the lives of millions of people every day. In addition to our technological investments, we have taken the launch of these sector-focused solutions to rebrand as OneAdvanced”.

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About OneAdvanced

OneAdvanced is a leading provider of sector-focused software, headquartered in Birmingham, UK. Our mission is to power the world of work through software that effortlessly gets the job done for our customers giving them the freedom to focus on thriving for their customers and people.   

Customers trust OneAdvanced to deliver digitalisation through innovative technology, addressing business problems through intelligent insight. Our years of sector knowledge means we are a strategic partner to our customers, who use technology that touches the lives of millions of people every day. From caring for patients in the NHS and social care to meeting tenants housing needs; supporting learners in education and apprenticeships to navigating complex legal matters; and making sure goods get to their destination on time navigating complex supply chains.

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