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The end of arduous form-filling: how tech is freeing firms from their offices
Blog //18-07-2023

The end of arduous form-filling: how tech is freeing firms from their offices

by OneAdvanced PR, Author

The legal industry is undergoing a digital transformation, revolutionising traditional practices through the power of technology. One significant development is the adoption of digital cloud-based forms software, liberating law firms from the shackles of arduous form-filling. In this blog, we will explore the advantages of using specialised forms software and how it benefits law firms. By leveraging the potential of cloud-based solutions, law firms can enhance efficiency, collaboration, and mobility while breaking free from the confines of their offices.

Streamlined form-filling processes

Traditional form-filling can be time-consuming and prone to errors. Cloud-based digital forms software simplifies this process, eliminating the need for manual data entry. Pre-filled templates, automated document assembly, and data integration features save time and reduce the risk of inaccuracies. By digitising forms and utilising intelligent automation, law firms can streamline their workflows and focus more on delivering exceptional legal services.

Automated functionality

Mitigating common form issues, cloud-based forms software offers instant access to needed documents in the correct format, automating complex calculations, saving time, and reducing errors. Facilitating data accommodation by expanding or adding rows, ensuring everyone uses updated templates, and allows linked forms to be saved as one file. It also records all activity for a comprehensive audit trail and uses APIs for automatic data pre-population, boosting efficiency and accuracy.

Managed digital submissions

Cloud-based form hubs streamline form submissions, enhancing efficiency and accountability. They offer secure online submissions and direct digital dispatch to entities like Companies House, the Land Registry, and HMRC for stamp duty. These hubs not only expedite form completion but also oversee compliance and furnish useful reports. Featuring drag-and-drop for documents, easy digital form sharing for approval, and validation checks to cut down rejections, they ensure interrupted submissions get delivered once service resumes and supervise the entire process with live reporting. As forms go digital, platforms adapt to manage the transitions.

Enhanced mobility

Cloud-based software can liberate law firms from their physical offices, enabling legal professionals to work from anywhere at any time. Providing quick, secure access with a single login and offering robust search capabilities, automatically saving files in progress or completed, preventing data loss during outages. Cloud-based platforms supportsecure form sharing and easy attachment handling. Online help is available, and user management is straightforward. All necessary form revisions are corrected and automatically updated in your library.

Collaborative work environment

Modern collaborative software enables clients to participate in matter progression, improving their experience and easing fee earners’ workload. It facilitates secure sharing of legal forms with team members, clients, or authorised parties, allowing clients to fill out forms at their convenience. Providing user instructions, control over form editing, and setting usage time limits, clients receive password-protected form links via email, and fee earners are notified when forms are ready for the next step.

Data security and compliance

Law firms handle sensitive client data and must comply with strict data protection regulations. Cloud-based software offers enhanced security measures, including encryption, secure data centres, and regular backups. This ensures that confidential information is protected from unauthorised access or loss due to hardware failures.

In the competitive landscape of the UK legal industry, law firms need every advantage to stay ahead. Advanced's Cloud Forms software system empowers law firms to streamline their processes, enhance client experiences, and keep their staff happy. By automating manual tasks, reducing errors, and improving efficiency, law firms can focus on delivering exceptional legal services while maintaining a high level of client satisfaction.

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