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Top Tips For Staff Retention in Social Care
Blog //22-11-2022

Top Tips For Staff Retention in Social Care

by Health and Care, OneAdvanced Public Sector

The turnover rate in adult social care was 28.3% in 2022/23, down from 28.9% the year prior. And according to Skills for Care, 59% of posts were filled with people from other roles within social care, so many of those leaving their positions actually remain in the sector.

Vacancy rates in social care are also starting to reduce - 9.9% compared to the highest rate of 10.7% in 2021/22. Although these figures are going in a positive direction, it's understood that there is still progress to be made.

So, what can care organisations do to help retain valuable staff? In this article, we’ll be having a look at some top tips for improving staff retention.

Top five tips for improving staff retention in social care

1. Have a comprehensive onboarding plan

Findings suggest that retention rates increase by 82% in companies that have a robust onboarding plan. Therefore, it's a good idea to have a comprehensive plan of action when introducing new team members into your organisation.

You may want to welcome new hires before day one, communicate your organisation’s culture & values, assign mentors and conduct regular check-ins. Having a well-planned onboarding processes can help to keep new starters supported during an often daunting or stressful time.

2. Be approachable

Empower your staff to come forward and discuss challenges, successes, and opportunities they encounter during their working day. Having this open communication not only helps you build strong connections with your employees, but it also helps to keep them engaged with their work environment and career.

According to Skills for Care, 81% of employers said that involving colleagues in decision-making was one of the main reasons for their turnover rate being less than 10%. This is a clear indication that being approachable and creating a safe environment where your teams can confidently speak up can be a key factor in improving retention rates.

3. Extend your employee benefits

Introduce additional or innovative employee benefits and make sure new starters and long serving staff know about them. Perhaps you can make arrangements that are flexible to your team members needs, whether giving opportunities to work remotely or arranging shifts in line with their personal commitments.

Other ideas for employee benefits may include recognising and rewarding achievements, offering rotational roles that allow staff develop news skills or even a 'refer-a-friend' incentive scheme. Offering competitive benefits can help encourage your valuable staff to stick with you, rather than going elsewhere.

4. Culture is important

Employees are increasingly seeking meaningful workplace experiences in an organisation whose values align with their own and whose purpose they can fully support. 73% of employees will not stay in an organisation unless its values aligned with their own, according to a Glassdoor survey.

Supporting the welfare of all team members is one of the most powerful ingredients of a successful retention strategy, especially in a bustling service like social care. Having frequent check-ins with staff to be aware of any struggles they’re facing or that may be affecting their work will help to reduce staff attrition and gives you the opportunity to provide support to help them through tough times.

5. Learning and Development

Your organisation likely strives to empower your clients and deliver personalised care. The same principle applies to your teams, who also want to feel empowered through a personalised career development plan. You can do this by understanding their aspirations and offering relevant learning and development opportunities.

As you know, all care providers must provide mandatory training for multiple areas, such as Health and Safety, Manual Handling, Infection Control and Equality, Diversity and Human Rights just to name a few.

But could your organisation offer other learning opportunities? Plans such as on-site, off-site and online training, mentoring programmes, and ways to nominate individuals or teams for industry awards could also help boost staff retention.

Next Steps

This blog has outlined five tips for employee retention in the care sector. For more ideas, register here to watch our webinar on staff retention: Staff Retention Top Tips for the Care Sector

And take a look at our care business management solution Care Cloud to find out exactly how it can enhance your care processes.


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