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Unit Chambers extend partnership with Advanced
Press //21-07-2021

Unit Chambers extend partnership with Advanced

by OneAdvanced PR, Author

Wednesday 21st July 2021

Family law specialists, Unit Chambers and Advanced, the UK’s leading Chambers Management Software provider, together announce the extension of their technology partnership for a further 3 years.

Unit Chambers is the only chambers in the North West specialising exclusively in family law; their vision is to become the fastest growing family law specialists in the UK. When Unit Chambers first started using Advanced MLC, they rolled out the software to 1 Barrister and 1 Clerk. However, in the last year alone, they have significantly grown and now have 8 Barristers and 3 Clerks using our software. Lisa Edmunds, CEO & Senior Consultant Barrister at Unit Chambers merits their outstanding success to their adoption of technology: “We naturally respect tradition but seek to challenge it and pioneer a new approach that embraces technology, built around a structure that delivers significant improvements in performance.”

Advanced MLC was developed to meet the changing requirements of modern Chambers of all sizes and provides a true commercial advantage, with management tools that maximise barrister and clerk efficiency by streamlining processes and monitoring real-time progress. Unit Chambers will continue to utilise the mobile tools in MLC Mobile, that can reduce reliance on physical premises and ensures that barristers, clerks, solicitor firms and additional third parties can work together seamlessly. Moreover, their use of Advanced MLC’s Case Collaboration module for the entire team has enabled Unit Chambers to prioritise client data security whilst enabling multiple people to work on a case, using a secure and encrypted collaboration platform.

Executive Chairman at Unit Chambers, Roger Draper, comments: “Traditional chambers which are run by barristers who are very good at their day job but don’t have the technology or business knowledge that is needed in terms of structure, never functions as effectively as they can. At Unit Chambers, we pride ourselves on being family law specialists who are led by business experts ensuring that technology and support (both digitally and mentally) is at the forefront of our vision for the business and for our barristers.”


Doug Hargrove, Managing Director of Legal and Education at Advanced, says: “We are delighted that Unit Chambers have made the decision to partner with Advanced for a further three years. The growth they have seen this year is a credit to their determination to deliver significant improvements in performance through cutting edge technology and service. We look forward to continuing to support Lisa, Roger and the whole team and see their Chambers go from strength to strength.


Why Advanced?


Advanced has over 30 years’ experience in technical systems development. We provide legal software solutions to more than 5,000 law firms and barristers’ chambers, and more than 50,000 users.

Our legal customers depend on our solutions to support their business aims and processes every day. Our legal-centric software includes integrated chambers and practice case management systems, process workflows, time recording, Cloud forms, Cloud dictation and digital document bundle production.

Many of our customers also rely on our business solutions to manage their core business processes such as HR, payroll, finance, spend management and IT services.

Our goal is to enable our customers to drive efficiencies, savings and growth opportunities. We do this by providing right-first-time software solutions that evolve with the changing needs of their business and the environment they operate in.

When it comes to legal – we’re in your corner.


Why Unit Chambers


Unit Chambers are specialists in family law and experts in business. They are pioneering a new way of chambers management, one that affords barristers the time, energy and resources to focus on delivering an unparalleled service to their clients.

By adopting a corporate structure, where Unit’s leadership team comprises of highly experienced businesspeople, each with a specific skillset, they ensure that crucial, complicated and often time-consuming aspects such as billing, compliance and marketing are comprehensively taken care of on the behalf of their barristers.

As a result, their pool of barristers have the time and energy to focus on delivering an exceptional service to their clients. Moreover, Unit’s technology-first infrastructure allows their barristers to accelerate the performance of their business through an innovative approach from customer service and marketing through to digitisation and financial services.

This helps their barristers build both a collective and individual business, maximising both their earning potential and ability to practice the best law possible for a set fee of 10% every month.

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