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Why a cloud-platform is important for your chambers?

Why a cloud-platform is important for your chambers?

by OneAdvanced PR, Author

Chambers are now embracing cloud platforms to manage their cases. Cloud technology has now been around for a few decades and moving to the new cloud-platform is important more than ever now. The cloud-platform has introduced some new business capabilities through cost-effectiveness and accessibility.

Here are some reasons why a cloud-platform technology is important for your chambers:

Data Security

It’s natural to assume that if the data is saved centrally, it’s more secure. In reality, the data saved to the cloud is more secure than on a local server because reputable providers will have data encryption and regular independent security audits in place to prevent unauthorised access. 

Attract a greater talent pool

As the industry, and many others, has seen in the past several months in the aftermath of the pandemic and the Great Resignation, talent retention has become a much greater challenge than what it would have been even a year or two ago.

Technology can form a key part of your talent retention strategy. State-of-the-art infrastructure and solutions that save fee-earners administration and allow for more flexibility creates an easier workflow and prospects to hitting targets for all your staff and departments – not just your top crop.

Embracing digitisation is key to acquiring new talent as well, not just from other top performers, but also the best of the up-and-coming pool of talent as well, particularly as those younger lawyers will be fully engaged and leading the charge in creating a fully-digitised practice going forward.

Future-ready Technology

Barristers shouldn’t have to deal with any business disruptions just to stay up-to-date with technology. A major advantage of a cloud-based system is that they will routinely and automatically update themselves rather than requiring a manual update.

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