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Your 2023/24 Sector Trends Report is available now
Press //22-01-2024

Your 2023/24 Sector Trends Report is available now

by OneAdvanced PR, Author

We’re proud to announce the release of our Sector Trends Reports for 2023/24, with insights across 12 key sectors. With the release of our 2023/24 Annual Trends Report shedding light on the changing landscape of business technology across the board, it’s time to discover what it means for your sector. Over 6,000 business leaders have poured their insights into our most expansive series of reports to date, making the report your perfect partner to understand the road ahead in the world of work.

Recent changes across the world of work are having a significant impact on the sectors that Advanced powers. We found that 80% of finance professionals are either already using, or researching how to use, AI in their businesses. They’re not alone, with professionals in HR and the Legal sector – where only 1/10 businesses have no plans so far to use AI – also exploring how to implement this rapidly evolving technology.

There are a number of issues which are affecting organisations across the entire world of work, but there is a marked difference in how different sectors are being affected. One of the key takeaways from the Advanced Annual Business Trends Report in October was that talent attraction and retention were causing headaches to a range of leaders. This was true across sectors but had a more significant impact in Education and Healthcare. As well as looking at the world of work as a whole, our latest reports allow you to explore the issues that affect your sector in detail, and learn about the solutions that can help you.

Advanced has been leading the world of work in asking one question which we feel is most important: what does the workplace of the future look like? We’re exploring what areas we should focus on most keenly, as we adapt to a changing landscape; the sectors we serve are asking themselves the same questions. As well as emerging technologies like AI, certain businesses are looking at how cybersecurity needs to evolve, while others are exploring the importance of DE&I to create inclusive work environments.

Others are looking at the way that sustainable technology can ensure that they can continue to serve their users and customers in a way that helps them – and the environment. What is very clear, is that the world of work is looking for how we can continue to power critical practices – tomorrow and beyond. All these factors are important to understand, and your sector trends report is the best place to learn more.

There are twelve reports available to download today, covering Finance and Procurement, HR, Retail, Financial Services, Education, Government, Housing, Legal, Distribution and Logistics, Healthcare and IT. You can download your copy for free here. Learn more about the issues facing your sector – and how Advanced will continue to power the world of work.

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