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Delivering touchless and 100% accurate processing for your freight documents.


We can process complex freight documents from accross the globe straight into your Transport Management System (TMS) with 100% accuracy.

We know that for many organisations involved in the shipping of goods, controlling and processing a large volume of important, and often complex, documents can be time-consuming and confusing. Due to this complexity, there are often delays and errors during processing impacting the supply chain, leading to unhappy customers, wasted time when remedying the situation and potentially spoiled goods.

Data Automation for Freight and Logistics documents seamlessly intergrates into your back-office systems, allowing you to process complex data from freight documents with complete accuracy. Our technologies allows businesses to gain control over their shipping data, gain insights and full management of documents to enable a seamless supply chain and help to limit these costs. Organisations can increase the speed of processing freight and logistics documents and process greater volumes without any human input 24/7 365 days per year, as processing continues no matter the day or time

This results in increased efficiency, reduced operating costs, the ability to scale processing up or down and greater data transparency, visibility and control.

Key capabilities

Process multiple freight document typesadvanced_icon_ticks.svg

Touchless Processingadvanced_icon_ticks.svg

Intelligent rules-based solutionadvanced_icon_ticks.svg

100% validated dataadvanced_icon_ticks.svg

Fully intergrated with any TMS or

Suitable for almost all geographic regions and languagesadvanced_icon_ticks.svg

Fast deployment and onboardingadvanced_icon_ticks.svg

Minimal IT resources requiredadvanced_icon_ticks.svg


We understand and solve your key issues

We build products which are designed to solve our customers key challenges.

  • Complex documents that require significant resources to process

    The complexity of freight and logistics documents with consignment breakdowns and shipping regulation requirements means these documents often take significant time and resource to process. Allocating sufficient resources and scaling on demand, can result in costly delays. By automating the tricky and time-consuming process with Advanced Data Automation, the document data will be available to action without human intervention without delays. With full visibility of the document journey through the standard API, you can track exactly when a document arrives and when it's ready to be actioned.


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  • Data unreliability within solutions

    Low data accuracy and mistakes can lead to a delayed shipping process. In an environment where small delays can add up, control over the data within business systems can make life much easier. Advanced Data Automation not only processes the data with 100% accuracy, but can process a wide range of freight documents including freight invoices, Bills of landing and good receipts notes.


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  • Delays caused by language barriers

    It is time-consuming to process detailed freight documents which contain tracking details, custom duties, and shipping. Due to the nature of freight, organisations may even receive these documents (which can even be 1,500 pages long) in a language different to that commonly spoken in the organisation. Having to manually input details from a foreign language makes the process even more complicated. This can put freight organisations at unnecessary risk of fines, penalties and unhappy customers.


    The built in validation rules can process data in virtually any language. By automating this process businesses can remove a layer of complexity and reduce the time needed to process these documents.


    Data is available shortly after receipt (dependent on the length of the document), so your documents are ready to go regardless of a language barrier. Advanced Data Automation has support for all Latin-based languages, with support for others coming down the line too.


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  • Many data automated systems aren't truly automated

    For many businesses, misinformation in systems leads to wasted time on lengthy processes. There are lots of software solutions that automate data input, however most cannot guarantee 100% accuracy.

    Many organisations end up having to manually check the extracted data from their documents, as these were scanned rather than the data extracted from the data layer, which leaves room for inaccuracy. This means the process is not truly automated at all. Advanced Data Automation can provide 100% accuracy by capturing at the data layer as well as setting up a standard set of bespoke logic rules for data extraction.


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  • New software is expensive to integrate

    With most data capture technologies, there is an overhaul needed in terms of infastructure and day-to-day processes. With Advanced Data Automation for Freight and Logistics, the software is delivered as a service, with speedy onboarding and quickly realised ROI. We utilise the infastructure that already exists. This means there are minimal IT changes required for businesses when implementing this improved way of working that delivers visible results straight from go-live.


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