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Modern law firms are adapting to an evolving legal sector. By embracing more efficient processes, firms can reduce overheads but maintain high levels of supervision and audit. UK government departments have a mandate to enable all interactions to be Digital by Default. Firms must have a plan to address this move towards paperless, changing the way they work to remain current and competitive. Laserform Hub offers an efficient, secure way for lawyers to submit legal forms digitally, maintaining this as a seamless part of their current processes. 

Whether you are a city firm, in-house Counsel, a high street business or a new firm looking to grow, Laserform Hub allows you to standardise the submission of data to government portals whilst introducing business focused capabilities.  

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Key Benefits

Reduce overheads and track costs

 Digital submission helps your business cut costs by reducing print, paper and postage. Costs are attributable to the matter they were incurred for, allowing you to move software cost from an IT overhead to a departmental spend.

Business processes 

Streamline your digital submissions by switching from separate portals to one system, built with the flexibility to fit into your existing process with minimum disruption.

Supervision and risk management 

Control user access and permissions, allow supervisors to monitor and identify rejected submissions. 

Work smarter by switching to Laserform Hub 

Simple take on 

We are proud that our cloud application is designed to be intuitive, users can log in from anywhere and get going with no training needed. If you do need help, our support team and Laserform Hub specialists are on hand at no additional charge. A comprehensive report makes it easy for your finance team to reconcile.

Designed for professional users

We have worked with the legal market to build in functions needed to fit your business, with no timeouts, the ability to quickly clone a form where a deal has many similar submissions, and email notifications keep you up to date on the go. 

Get forms right first time, fast

Digital forms have lower rejection rates. In context validation, help and lookups guide the user through the form, only allowing submission once the data is valid.  A completed SDLT submission can be used to create a prepopulated AP1, combining these two separate submissions with fewer keystrokes.

Compliance tools as standard

A full audit trail is retained with each form, junior users can have access to complete form data, before passing it to an approver to check and submit. All attachments can be viewed at any time, reducing the risk of incorrect attachments. Work can be flagged as under an Information Barrier, and all data is held securely within the EU.

Integrated workflow

As well as integration with the conveyancing module of Advanced’s ALB Practice and Case Management Software, drag and drop functionality in Laserform Hub makes it easy to integrate with most document management systems.

Future proof

The UK government has a digital by default strategy, Laserform Hub is increasing the number and types of forms available to submit online, adding new gateways as they become available. You can minimise the disruption of this by migrating users to digital forms in a controlled roll out.

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Laserform Hub enables you to submit legal forms digitally to government portals meaning submissions are efficient whilst reducing the cost of postage and application fees.

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