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Streamline your business processes with a comprehensive, tailored, and client focused approach.

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A dynamic, integrated platform

P4W is a single, smart solution that provides the highest levels of functional efficiency. By combining powerful legal technology with market-leading integrations, it offers a tailored structure that can meet all of your individual business and administrative requirements.

"P4W allowed us to bring systems together, removed barriers between client and firm, and supported efficient team working."

Lee Salih, Business Director, Glover Priest


Have you heard the news, the bronze award at The Institute of Legal Finance & Management (ILFM) Law Firm Software Users Awards 2022 has been awarded to our product P4W. P4W is a market-leading practice and case management solution for large law firms, delivering the industry’s most advanced and comprehensive practice and case management solutions.

Key capabilities

Single source SQL databaseadvanced_icon_ticks.svg

Reports & database intelligenceadvanced_icon_ticks.svg

Flexible accounts functionadvanced_icon_ticks.svg

Full Microsoft Office integrationadvanced_icon_ticks.svg

Document templates & versioningadvanced_icon_ticks.svg

Direct submissions to government portalsadvanced_icon_ticks.svg

Legal Aid workflowadvanced_icon_ticks.svg

Ministry of Justice claims managementadvanced_icon_ticks.svg

Solicitor - client interfaceadvanced_icon_ticks.svg

Powerful legal technology integrationsadvanced_icon_ticks.svg

We understand and solve your key issues

We build products which are designed to solve our customers key challenges.

  • Wasted resources

    Managing heavy workloads can be tough. It's even harder without efficient, modern technologies. Relying on outdated legacy systems, and paper heavy processes, means a lot of time and resources are wasted on repetitive administration tasks. It also increases the risk of a security or compliance breach.


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  • The revenue crunch

    The profitability of law firms is always under pressure. Salary costs are rising, there's increasing competition, and pressure on hourly rates. Changes to the legal aid funding system forced many firms leave this area of practice and personal injury work has become less viable. To stay solvent, firms need to be able to flex and respond quickly.


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  • Disparate systems

    The use of multiple, non-integrated legal software applications leads to inefficiency. It creates information silos that make it very difficult to get a true snapshot of business or staff performance. This not only delays critical decision making, it also put firms at risk of  user error, duplication of effort, and non-compliance. 


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  • The digital revolution

    With significant numbers of people now working from home, and clients more reluctant to visit an office, 24/7 access to mobile work tools is an absolute requirement. The pressure to adopt new digital technologies is clear, but access, security, reliability, and compliance are on-going concerns.


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Featured resources for you


Proven smarter, faster conveyancing

47 minutes
Jody Nicholas, System Support Coordinator, Coodes Solicitors + 4 others

Find out how P4W and its integrations with Perfect Portal and InfoTrack can automate manual processes and eliminate human error.

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Determining your law firm's values when choosing a PCMS

29 minutes
Jamie Lockwood, IT Manager, Morrish Solicitors + 2 others

Shedding light on what is important to firms when they are looking for a new practice and case management system.

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Recovery and Growth

Author: Doug Hargrove

The role of technology in helping firms achieve their post-pandemic goals.

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More than just matter management

Learn more about the powerful features that sit within P4W

How our practice management can help you



Who succeeds with us

More than 550 leading UK law firms depend on P4W every day

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"We think P4W’s pricing model is very good. That’s a huge factor and the cost of the system is very competitive. We feel like we’re getting a fair deal."

— Brian McDonald, Head of IT, Peters & Peters



"“We’re one of the few firms in the region that can still offer cost-effective legal aid support, and the reason we’ve been able to do that is because we’ve automated our day-to-day processes.” "

— Peter Carr, Head of IT

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"The amount of data that’s now automatically monitored, formatted and delivered by P4W and TaskShare would not have been possible through manual creation. "

— Nigel Johnson, IT Director

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"On average, there's 50 fewer documents for us to post each week, a total of more than 2,500 documents each year. It’s made a real impact on the reduction of paper in the office."

— Tim Knight, Business Operations Manager

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Welcoming you onboard



Starting your journey

1 day


We get a better understanding of you and your business to drive your onboarding experience towards success.

Understanding your challenges

1 week


We build a plan of action for your journey to go-live with due dates and owners.

Planning your journey

2 months


Working through the action plan, we execute the plan with you and get you ready to adopt Advanced P4W.

On the road to go live


Congratulations you’re live! This is where our Customer Success program really kick in to provide you more value and make sure you are maximising your chances of reaching your goals.


Legal resources that help you transform

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Law firms are undergoing a rapid transformation as they transition at pace to a digital future. Here, Doug Hargove, MD for Education and Legal at Advanced, shares some thoughts on how to manage your firm and workforce to achieve successful implementations.

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Never miss a billable minute again

For chambers and law firms alike, time is money. Which is why it is so important to be able to record time quickly and easily. And let’s be honest, it isn’t barristers’ favourite task to do either.

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