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We touch the lives of millions of people through focused software solutions for NHS organisations that make the complex simple. Developed as a result of real market insight our solutions provide for greater efficiency in your back office ensuring your finances and people are managed with care, patient side our clinical patient management system manages episodes of care quickly and safely in the demanding context of out-of hours and walk-in or telephone-based on-demand care. More than 90% of out-of-hours primary care, urgent and unscheduled care in the UK and Republic of Ireland is managed by Advanced.

NHS trusts need to agree Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STP) with NHS improvement to improve the efficiency and quality of their back office service, whilst also reducing costs. This challenge requires NHS trusts to adopt the digital era to transform their services. We can help the NHS take advantage of the latest technology advances such as Electronic Invoicing , mobile, predictive analytics and cloud computing, whilst also exploring the benefits of consolidation.

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Advanced NHS Solutions

We are focused on understanding the health and care sector, delivering our leading IT solutions and services to our NHS clients. We work closely with our team of clinical leads, who all have hands-on experience using our software in their particular fields.

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Unique solutions increasing productivity

We offer a unique range of solutions to the NHS to manage your entire organisation’s online workflow. With over 20 years’ experience of working closely with NHS Trusts we know we deliver focused solutions to help you significantly reduce costs, whilst increasing productivity. 

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