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What is Business Cloud Essentials

Business Cloud Essentials is a cloud-based ERP software which delivers a single, fully-integrated platform for businesses to use financials, CRM, stock control, supplier and logistics management, payroll and dashboard reporting. The platform is delivered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) so it’s easily accessible through any web browser and the pricing model allows businesses to scale their usage as required.

Our ERP software provides business owners and managers with improved efficiencies and streamlined processes through an integrated solution. In today’s fast paced business environment, we know how important it is for businesses to be able to work quickly and maximise productivity. Using Business Cloud Essentials, we help SMEs reimagine the way they work, helping their business scale and grow.

How Business Cloud Essentials can help you

Features of Business Cloud Essentials


  • Instant visibility of company finances – past, present or future
  • Reduce data input and improve reporting accuracy with automatic ledger updates
  • Conduct varied and detailed financial analysis of items, jobs, projects and departments
  • Reduce financial risk using one, integrated, Cloud-based ERP software


  • Improve efficiencies by streamlining processes
  • Manage operations, whether they are people or machines
  • Schedule current and future demand for materials and stock 
  • Create Bills of Materials and manage standard or customised product and parts lists with ease


  • Improve sales performance and customer relationships with better visibility
  • Bring all customer data together in one place 
  • Using ERP software, all information is up-to-date and accurate 
  • Get closer to your customers with a clear view of their account embedded into the system 


  • Manage payroll directly within the system 
  • Effectively report on costs 
  • Meet legislative requirements 
  • Detailed analysis of labour costs per department, project, job, item or across the entire business

Business Cloud Manufacturing

Business Cloud Essentials for the Manufacturing market combines ERP and Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) functionality, to look after end-to-end business processes for the industry. The operations functionality comprises of works orders, scheduling, resources and repairs. 

Reimagine the way your business works with ERP software which maximises productivity, improves efficiencies and streamlines processes giving you the time and space to grow and scale your manufacturing firm.

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Benefits of Business Cloud Essentials

Bring the business together
Access all business information with one login for Business Cloud Essentials, uniting all data from across the organisation in the software.

Increase productivity
Reduce manual processing of information and maximise productivity by using one, central system for all business activity.

Improved analytics
Get a better understanding of your business activity and performance with real-time reporting using Business Cloud Essentials.

Access anytime, anywhere
With ERP software, organisations can benefit from instant access to their data. It’s no longer necessary to be in the office to run your business.


Latest Product Updates

We are constantly developing and investing in Business Cloud Essentials. Take a look at the below to see the latest enhancements to our ERP software:


  • Create user defined fields for use in reporting and analysis  
  • Turn on period management to give greater control over your financial transactions.
  • Auto recieve goods on GRNs to increase efficiency when booking goods in.
  • Record GL budgets to enable you to track performance against budget.
  • MRP PO consolidation to simplify your supplier ordering process.


  • Add work order start times to track productivity  
  • Payslip passwords to ensure payslips are protected should they fall into the wrong hands
  • Hyperlink support to enable businesses to use network and web shortcuts within the application i.e. network storage locations


  • GDPR: identify, automate and anonymise personal data held in Business Cloud Essentials 

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