Contact Management

Strengthen your client relationships with contact management software

For any small business, being able to keep hold of your customer and prospect data in one place is critical. Business Cloud Essentials brings together contact and opportunity management at the heart of the system, meaning you can easily track opportunities, grab customer details, and maintain strong relationships.


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Contact Management

Contact Management

All the details related to your customers and prospects are safely stored in the system, so you can access contact information, addresses, sales, opportunities and more.

Personalise records using custom fields

Don’t lose opportunities

Single version of the truth

Central database for all your prospect, customer and supplier information, to share and view across your organisation.

Get a clear picture of customer health and value to your business

Easy access to supplier and client details from anywhere, at any time

Become easier to do business with, by strengthening customer relationships

Single Version of the Truth
Sales Forecasting and Opportunity Management

Sales forecasting and opportunity management

Clear visibility of opportunities and sales in the pipeline means you can see what needs to be delivered and when, tracking all account activity.

Easily track all orders by customer and account, making sure you deliver on promises

Full visibility of your pipeline, meaning you can better manage cash flow

Ensure delivery deadlines are met and customers are satisfied

Performance reports and dashboards

Full management reporting capabilities across customers and suppliers. This ensures you can easily view key performance indicators for all accounts.

Customisable reports allow you to drill into the relevant data that is important to you and your business

Guide decision-making and strategy with performance and business trends

Identify the accounts that are performing well, and the ones that perhaps need attention

Performance Reports and Dashboards
Manage Customer Price Lists and Discounts

Manage customer price lists and discounts

Manage fixed and flexible pricing for individual customers, or groups of customers. This is stored in the account information, making it easier to see billing and cost totals.

Make sure your billing is up-to-date so you can get paid faster

Total costs per account (and per order) are easily viewable, so you can see each customer's worth to your business

Gain a clear overview of cash flow and revenue, which can help with business growth

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is contact management software and why is it important?

    Contact management software is important for businesses, as it’s the easiest way to stay connected to customers.

  • What does a contact management system do?

    A contact management system allows you to store, manage and update your customer contact information. It also enables you to monitor the ongoing progress surrounding prospective customers.

  • What are the benefits of contact management software?

    Contact management software brings you closer to your customers, allowing you to maintain healthy relationships. You can update contact information at the click of a button. The ability to view prospect and opportunity data makes it more likely to turn a lead into a sale.

  • What is an opportunity?

    An opportunity is a potential sale, with an estimated income associated with it. This is different to a lead, which is far earlier in the sales process.  

  • What is a KPI?

    A KPI is a key performance indicator. It can be the scale by which a company or an individual measures their success. With regards to contact management software, you might look at an account that is stored in the system, and judge the performance (or health) of each, based on specific metrics.  

  • What is a prospect in contact management?

    In relation to contact management, a prospect is more like a lead than an opportunity, in the way that it is a potential sale that is still at an early stage of the sales funnel.

  • How does effective contact management improve customer service?

    Having clear visibility of a customer’s contact information ensures that you can get in touch straight away, if something important were to change. Business Cloud Essentials allows you to manage the pricing details around each customer, meaning there will much less confusion with regards to how much you are owed. 

  • Will Business Cloud Essentials give me greater visibility of sales?

    Business Cloud Essentials gives you clear visibility of potential sales and exactly where they are in the pipeline. This makes it easier to manage your next steps, and what actions need to be taken in order to push these deals across the line.

  • Will effective contact management help to increase my sales?

    Having effective processes in place around the management of your customer relationships will only serve to improve your sales prospects. With clear visibility around the goings-on of customers and potential sales, it makes it easier to keep existing customers happy, and to convert more of your prospects.

  • What happens if a customer’s information changes?

    If any information about a customer needs to be updated, this can be done at the click of a button within the contact management component of Business Cloud Essentials. Being able to do this so easily keeps you better connected to customers.

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