Social Care Case Management

CareDirector is a comprehensive case management for social care organisations. It includes customisable modules, which support organisations to manage case recordings, business intelligence and finances in one integrated system.

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Understanding key issues


Reliance on multiple systems

Care organisations may use multiple systems to record and manage information. This can lead to inefficient processes, duplicate records, data silos and reporting difficulties.

Need to remove paper records

Paper records create an administration nightmare for community-based teams. Travelling to the office to collect and complete paperwork reduces the time spent delivering care and support.

Poor auditability

Maintaining compliance with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) is a constant challenge for social care organisations. The inability to provide fully auditable reports makes it harder for providers to evidence the quality and safety of their service.

To do more with less

Shrinking budgets and resources make it difficult for social care teams to deliver the same quantity and quality of service.

Ageing population with complex conditions

The UK has an ageing population, with more people living longer with complex conditions. By 2050, one in four people will be over the age of 65, which will significantly increase the demand for care.

How CareDirector can help you


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is CareDirector?

    CareDirector is a Cloud-based case management solution for social care organisations that supports integrated working across health and social care. Customisable modules ensure organisations are able to manage case recording, business intelligence and finances in one integrated system.

  • What is social care case management?

    Social care case management provides local authorities with efficient ways of working. CareDirector helps to simplify caseloads, tasks and care planning, and ensures delivery of the best possible care and outcomes.

  • How can social care case management help my local authority?

    CareDirector can provide your social care practitioners with efficient ways of working. They can manage case recording, business intelligence and finances in one integrated system. CareDirector’s configurable dashboards help users to monitor what’s important to them, identify trends and track against deadlines. The use of graphs and lists makes it easier to spot trends, and with data presented in real-time, users can make more informed decisions based on current data.

  • What are the benefits of case management software?

    CareDirector allows you to simplify workflows for caseloads, maximise limited resources and with access to real-time data users can make better informed decisions. With its integrated mobile solution, staff can work both on and offline, accessing information from anywhere, at any time.

  • Does CareDirector support mobile working?

    With CareDirector's integrated mobile solution, your social care workforce can access client, case and appointment records remotely. Users are able to access information anywhere and at any time. It works both on and offline and synchronises with the main CareDirector case management system when a signal resumes.

  • Is the integrated mobile solution easy to use?

    The interface for the mobile solution is designed for ease of use, meaning carers can spend more time delivering essential care.

  • Can I easily manage and share data?

    CareDirector supports integrated working across your region by combining adult and children’s social care, finance and secondary care modules into one single system. It removes the need to integrate different systems and ensures information follows citizens on their journey through complex health and social care processes.

  • Is CareDirector secure?

    CareDirector's powerful security model ensures data, whether local, regional or national, is shared only with the users who should be able to access it.

  • What is the advantage of a Cloud-based case management solution?

    The past few months have shown that Cloud-based software is an absolute ‘must have’ for social care teams. Cloud-based case management ensures users can access client, case and appointment records with ease and they can continue to work from anywhere and at any time. Using Cloud software simplifies processes and makes it quick and simple for all teams to access the same tools and information.

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