Workforce 2020

Attracting and retaining talent in the digital world

About the whitepaper

In today’s rapidly changing and technology-rich world of work, employers need to think differently and act creatively to recruit, nurture and retain the top talent, or risk losing it to competitors and newer rivals. The world of work isn’t just radically different from two decades ago, it’s radically different to two years ago. To remain competitive, agile and innovative, employers need to provide what workers want so their people can add more human value to their organisations. To do this they need to tune into the trends, embrace automation and change the way they think (and act).

This white paper explores the trends in human capital management (HCM) and technology. It assesses the impact of ignoring the challenges, and offers some recommendations from leading recruiting experts, Hays.

Simon Winfield

About Simon Winfield

Simon Winfield is the Managing Director for Hays UK and Ireland. Simon joined Hays in 2006, having commenced his recruitment career in 1993. Initially responsible for businesses in Western Australia and Northern Territory, Simon relocated to the UK in 2014 where he was responsible for operations in the West & Wales and Ireland, before being appointed Managing Director of the UK & Ireland business in 2018. Hays is the leading global specialist recruitment group, and the market leader in places such as the UK, Germany and Australia.

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