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Docman RMS

Advanced is the first provider to achieve direct integration with e-RS. This direct integration enables the entire referral process to be digitised, with our referral management software. Docman RMS helps a Trust manage referrals, regardless of how they are received.

It is viewed entirely through a web browser, providing complete, secure access to clinical documents and structured data from anywhere, at any time and through any device. This is extremely convenient for a clinician and delivers information when and where it is needed.

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How we are helping the NHS




Your Challenges our Solutions

  • A complicated referral system
  • An overstretched workforce
  • Lack of auditability
  • Struggling to track referrals all the way through the system
  • Docman RMS simplifies the referral system by providing a central repository for electronic copies of all referrals, regardless of their source
  • The use of our RMS system makes the referral process quick and easy, freeing up staff time and allowing them to focus on other tasks
  • Our solution ensures you know exactly where a referral is in the process, when it was received and when the workflow was completed
  • Docman RMS means referrals can be tracked at your fingertips
  • Outdated paper processes
  • Paper-based filing systems
  • NHS Standard Contract targets to meet
  • Lack of resource to manage referrals and inadequate access to information for patients
  • Quickly capture referrals electronically
  • Gain instant access to electronic information
  • Docman RMS can help reduce the time taken from receipt of referral to appointment booking, helping meet treatment time targets and avoiding costly fines
  • The flexible and configurable workflow tool streamlines the approach for managing urgent referrals and also provides ease of access to information when responding to patient queries
  • Reliance on local infrastructure
  • Multiple document sources
  • Lack of process reliability
  • Misplaced referrals
  • As a Cloud-based service, Docman RMS offers all health service providers a cost-effective solution - without the need for dedicated hardware on site
  • Electronically transfer copies of referrals from Choose and Book, plus referrals received by email. Create digital images of paper referrals
  • Electronic documents provide stability to your procedures. Consistent routines lead to higher efficiencies and more confidence and accuracy in daily tasks
  • Referrals are captured by Docman and a copy can be made into your EPR/PAS
  • Need to save time and costs on processes and communications
  • Want to ensure savings are made for each referral carried out
  • Requirement to reduce time spent managing documents
  • Limit time spent tracking letters / managing queries
  • Docman RMS gives you back hours of administrator time
  • Customer saving of £1.66 in time costs for each referral
  • Reduce costly processing and communication time, while supporting referral to treatment targets
  • Our solution provides a central repository for electronic copies of all referrals, regardless of their source

Key Features


Direct e-RS integration

  • The direct integration with e-RS brings together two leading electronic workflow systems for managing referrals
  • Removes the need for manual and paper-based triage processes, and follows a rigorous assurance process with NHS Digital
  • Regardless of how the referral is received, Docman RMS can collect directly from email, fax and scanning devices


Live status and audit trail

  • Have visibility of where every referral is in the process at all times by tracking all incoming patient and non-patient documents
  • Gives you full auditability and governance
  • With our RMS solution, staff can quickly triage referrals with automated processes


Central repository

  • Regardless of their source, Docman RMS provides a reduction in time spent tracking letters and managing queries
  • This reduces patient complaints and the Trust operates in more consistent timescales
  • The entire process is audited by user, date and time - with real-time access within minutes of a referral being received

What our Customers think

"Docman RMS provides the platform for a slicker, intuitive system to solve our problems and improve our process. The benefits of a streamlined system are compelling."
Mohammed Ajaz, ICT Project Manager, The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust

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