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Docman RMS is a workflow management system that helps NHS Trusts and other healthcare service providers to manage referrals regardless of how they are received. Accessed entirely through a web browser, it provides secure access to clinical documents making it easy for a clinician to manage referrals at any time. Our solution has been integrated with NHS eRS, allowing the entire patient referral process to be digitised. This is delivering time and cost efficiencies to NHS Trusts.

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Understanding key issues


Outdated methods

Many NHS Trusts still use Excel spreadsheets to track incoming referrals. This does not provide effective audit trails.

Inefficient processes

Paper-based tasks and processes require a significant level of repetitive, manual work, which is inefficient and can lack accuracy.

Reliance on local hardware

There is a significant cost to Trusts for storing and maintaining local hardware.

Risks of using post and fax

Trusts still receive many documents by post and fax. This is a costly and arguably unnecessary process, which also carries the risk of referral being lost, unread or sent to the wrong person.

How Docman RMS can help you



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Additional insights to help you transform


  • Docman RMS

    Staff at Swindon CCG have found the referral process to be quicker and easier, with correspondence seamlessly work flowed across the CCG.

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  • Docman becomes first to integrate with NHS eRS

    The direct integration of our solution with NHS eRS delivers full end-to-end triage.

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  • The Path to 21st Century Healthcare

    Read our whitepaper on how technology is shaping the NHS, from the Five Year Forward View to the Long Term Plan.

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