Dynamic Resource Scheduling Software

Dynamic Resource Scheduler (DRS) enables you to schedule field-based work dynamically to optimise your resources as the working day evolves.

Our solution allows you to seamlessly blend appointed, planned and responsive, last-minute work across your field-based workforce, creating an integrated plan and schedule. This helps ensure that your team can meet all customer commitments, delivering excellent customer service, keeping travel time and costs to a minimum, and ensuring more tasks are completed in a single day.

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Understanding key issues


Work Allocation

Rather than allocating the best person to complete a job, some organisations allocate jobs based purely on availability. This increases time per task and reduces productivity.

Travel Time

Organisations need to reduce the length and duration of employees’ travel between field-based jobs in order to reduce costs and increase the number of jobs that can be completed each day.

Appointments Not Being Kept 

A customer forgetting an appointment and not being at home prevents field workers from carrying out the work allocated to them. This is costly and impacts productivity.

Managing Change

Lack of visibility of field workers prevents organisations from making real-time updates to their work schedules to accommodate unforeseen changes such as jobs over-running or workers stuck in traffic.

Manual Scheduling

Planners who complete schedules manually can spend hours analysing and testing different variations of work, creating inefficiency.

How our Dynamic Resource Scheduling Software can help you


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will Dynamic Resource Scheduling software benefit my business?

    Implementing our Dynamic Resource Scheduler (DRS) allows you to seamlessly blend appointed, planned and responsive, last-minute work across your field-based workforce. Dynamic Resource Scheduling allows a real-time view of your field operatives and their job status, helping you to stay on track. A truly dynamic scheduler like DRS offers the most cost-effective and suitable time for a job which is complemented by route optimisation to help reduce no-access rates and missed appointments.

  • How will Dynamic Resource Scheduling software assist in managing my field-based operation?

    Dynamic Resource Scheduler allows you to define your human resources by different dimensions - such as skills, accreditations and languages spoken – and classify non-human resources, such as vehicles, materials and special equipment. It automatically aligns the most appropriate resource to the right task using your organisation’s defined rules, helping to improve first-time-fix rates, customer service and productivity. Dynamic Resource Scheduler helps you to understand every dimension of your operation through real-time reporting. This includes how you are measuring up to key performance indicators, how changes in appointment setting, customer demand and geographic elements are affecting performance and delivering actionable insight.

  • Who is Dynamic Resource Scheduling software for?

    Dynamic Resource Scheduler is for organisations who have a mobile workforce and operate in housing, local and central government, social care, retail, utilities and many more.

  • How will Dynamic Resource Scheduling software improve field team productivity?

    Dynamic Resource Scheduler holds information about your human resource, such as skills, accreditations, languages spoken etc.It also stores information about non-human resources such as vehicles, equipment and geography. This allows DRS to allocate the most appropriate resource to the right task, enabling an average increase in worker productivity of 25 per cent.
    DRS enables you to track performance against job type and worker. By drilling down into every job or task, managers can spot trends in changing demands to better match workforce to workload.

  • What key features are included in Dynamic Resource Scheduling?

    1. Define your work and your resources to ensure that every permutation of work allocation is taken into account when scheduling tasks.
    2.  Optimise appointments at the first point of contact – for your organisation and your customers.
    3.  Gain real-time visibility of progress against the scheduled work and ensure that emerging day challenges are all taken in your stride.
    4.  Respond by dynamically scheduling work based on operative availability, location, skills and other factors.
    5.  Understand every dimension of your operation through real-time reporting. How you are measuring up to key performance indicators and how changes in appointment setting, customer demand and geographic elements are affecting performance. Dynamic Resource Scheduling delivers actionable insight. 

Ongoing software innovation and developments


We are always improving and innovating our products to deliver the best experience for our customers. Here are a selection of the latest updates to our Dynamic Resource Scheduling Software.

  • Dynamic Resource Scheduler Version 5.7

    - Adobe Flash Player replaced with HTML 5.

    - Latest security enhancements.

    - Upgraded Map Search functionality.

    - Follow-on job configuration improvements.

    - ‘Show scheduler’ and ‘web booking manager’ features now merged into a Booking Hub.

    - Improvements to Multiple Diary View.

    - Enhanced Diary Worker Order functionality, allowing users to change the worker display order.

“Advanced has delivered a solution that not only replaces our legacy systems, but brings the best of mobile working and scheduling technologies to the front line delivery of our Gas and Water business.”

Bryan Casey, Finance Director

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“We’ve found the Dynamic Resource Scheduler team to be quick, professional and very helpful. They are knowledgeable and provide a high level of customer support. DRS has really improved our workforce management.”

John Harrison, IT Governance Manager

“We have full visibility of the home consultants’ utilisation and efficiency, which ensures our resources are linked to the needs of the company, giving us a better understanding of potential new business.”

Steve Johnson, Head of Central Operations

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  • Bernicia Homes
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