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In an increasingly competitive and demanding world, finance teams need new ways to boost productivity and demonstrate effectiveness. The e5 financial management solution can help you take full control of your finance function, offering real value for money and an ongoing return on your investment. Whether your organisation operates in the private or public sector, we have a flexible, user-friendly, resilient and easily configurable solution that makes this all possible.

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Understanding key issues

Increase productivity

A lack of efficiency and effectiveness within an organisation will affect productivity and therefore limit its potential profitability.

Reporting inefficiencies

Without access to real-time data in easy to view dashboards, organisations will struggle to understand the financial health of the business and make informed decisions.

Compliance inflexibility

Compliance requirements change over time, so it is important to have a system that is quick to act when these changes arise.

Control your purchasing

With resources increasingly scarce, an integrated solution that checks proposed spend against remaining budget – and enforces contract compliance preventing overspend – is essential.

Effective money allocation

If organisations are to stay within budget and deliver on financial targets and responsibilities, they need to allocate money in a more efficient and effective way.

Demonstrate accountability

If an organisation is responsible for public money, it is vital more than ever to show effective stewardship and accountability to taxpayers.


How our Finance Management Software can help you


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