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In today’s complex landscape, many organisations struggle to gain complete control over their financial accounting. Ageing technology, disparate systems and limited budgets and funding make it a challenge for finance teams to do more with less and break away from how it’s always been done. Exchequer is our financial accounting solution designed to remove those barriers for finance teams and enable organisations to grow.

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Understanding key issues


Duplication of effort

Financial data is often stored across multiple, disparate systems which means team members spend time duplicating effort on tasks that are unnecessary.

Lack of effective reporting

Finance teams are unable to report on data within their systems, so cannot get an accurate view of their financial health.

Complying with legislation

With both GDPR and MTD coming into force, finance teams are spending valuable time trying to ensure they are compliant rather than focusing on strategic tasks.

The workforce of tomorrow

With Generation Z now entering the workplace, businesses need to implement the latest tools that will support changing employee expectations.

Inaccurate financial data

Information within systems is often inaccurate because of manual and double entry. This leads to mistakes, unreliable reporting and time wasted.

Security concerns

The risk of cyber-attacks and data breaches is on the rise – with finance a top target. Finance chiefs need to ensure that their financial data is secure and safe.

How our Accounting Software can help you


Ongoing software innovation and developments


We are always improving and innovating our products to deliver the best experience for our customers. Here are a selection of the latest updates to our Accounting Software.

  • Exchequer Mobile

    All of the benefits of Exchequer on the go for finance and non-finance users. Includes web browser and native apps, view enquiries, approvals, notifications and transactions

  • Exchequer Version 13

    - Enhanced Screen Lists

    - User Actions

    - Mobile Approval History screen

    - 'Delete Audited Data' menu option (Purge)

    - CIS Domestic Reverse Charge

  • Exchequer Version 12

    - Integration to Business Tax Portal (our Making Tax Digital solution) full edition

    - User management passwords

    - General Ledger pre-posting report

  • Exchequer 2018 R1.1

    - New GDPR module for automating the management of your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data

    - Subject Access Request - PII data exports

    - Enhanced Security Controls and Windows Authentication

    - Simplified Username Management

    - Currency Fx Export / Import

    - Export Lists

    - Ongoing Software Compliance i.e. OS and latest database versions

  • Exchequer 2017 R1

    - Updated modern look and feel

    - Free Visual Report template pack

    - New daybook posting including single transaction post (MSSQL only)

    - Batch payment tag to a date or due date

    - Form Designer - increased support for common image formats, simplified standard report menu

    - Exchequer Analytics and Dashboards Update, X365 - Timesheet entry via mobile app

  • Exchequer 2016 R2

    New GL Budget Rollup - MSSQL Version Only, X365 - V1 Document Management Integration

"The level of detail we can provide to management and other relevant parties has improved significantly thanks to Exchequer.”

Kelly Hutchings, Finance Officer

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“What we did with Advanced Exchequer to create a much more simplified and streamlined system for managing expenses was unique.”

Maria Brown, Finance Manager

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"The biggest cost saving has come from the fact that we have been able to reduce our administrative headcount by 20 per cent because Exchequer provides automated functions that were previously performed manually.”

Graham Wilkin, Head of Finance

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  • Martha Trust
  • Nottingham University Students' Union
  • Lighthouse Poole


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Regular Product Updates


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Additional insights to help you transform


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    Find out more about the benefits of Exchequer, and how we can help your finance team reimagine a better future.

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  • The digitalisation of finance

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  • Exchequer Version 13

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