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What is Managed Payroll?

Managed Payroll removes the challenges of payroll processing, significantly reducing costs and operational risks. Our Payroll Services deliver the flexibility, end-to-end compliance and payroll support you need, so you can focus on what matters most.

Whether you’re a private, public or third sector organisation, serving individual or multi-post employees, our Payroll Services provide you with total payroll management. Our services are agile and scalable to your needs. They range from standard payroll processing to fully managed services, P11D collation and production to Business Continuity Planning, allowing you to enhance the productivity and efficiency of your organisation.

In addition to successfully controlling your workforce payroll processing -whether this be on a multi-payroll, multi-company or multi-frequency basis -our fully-managed offering provides you with peace of mind. We can ensure that you are consistently compliant with the rules and regulations of HMRC, devolved authorities, the DWP and the Pensions Regulator, along with meeting statutory reporting requirements such as gender pay gap reporting.

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Benefits of Managed Payroll

Consistent end-to-end compliance 
By working closely with HMRC, the DWP, the Pensions Regulator and other governing bodies, our team ensures that our services will consistently meet the latest legislative requirements for UK organisations.

A range of services to suit your organisation 
We offer a range of services to meet your specific needs, such as standard or fully-managed payroll processing, Interim cover for planned or unplanned absence, payslip, P60 and P11D production. At Advanced, our managed service means that we work in partnership with you, as an extended part of your team.

The highest level of security 
By managing our services in highly secure physical and IT environments, we can offer enhanced levels of personnel vetting, security and resilience at no extra cost, ensuring optimal integrity of your data processing.

Scalable and flexible to your needs 
Our services can adapt to your company’s processes and needs, and are scalable to meet your business’ growth objectives. With Advanced, you are consistently supported, enabling you to focus on your organisational strategies and performance.


What our Customers think

"One of the standout benefits of OpenPeople is its reporting capability. We can report on any aspect of payroll very quickly in minutes rather than days. OpenPeople has improved our efficiency as well as our capability for forecasting as we are now using real-time information. I would wholeheartedly recommend OpenPeople to anyone and, in fact, have already done so on several occasions."
Carole Mellis, Global Payroll Manager, Sparrows

HCM Software from Advanced

We partner with HCM departments to provide solutions across HR and Payroll teams.



Whether you're in the private, public or third sector, we have a solution that will suit your requirements and grow with you. We offer a wealth of sector expertise, and our HR solution can help you to take full control of your workforce management



OpenPeople is our fast and accurate payroll processing solution that gives you all the tools for full payroll parameterisation, payroll production and maintenance of employee payroll details.

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