Community and Mental Health Solutions

Community and mental health services need innovative and modern solutions to enable successful digital transformation. They require software that will improve the way they operate while continuing to provide high quality patient care, enhancing clinical safety and outcomes for patients.

Market Challenges

Faced with challenging workloads and the need to work more efficiently, services are looking for a modern way to manage patient's record, minimise time spent on administration and reduce the need for paper files and clinical correspondence.


Digitising patient records

Community and mental health services need to transition from paper to electronic records which includes digital tools to manage, plan, record and analyse care across a variety of settings. 


Customisable workflows

No two services – or patients – are the same, which is why community and mental health organisations need a flexible and tailored solution.


Data security

For healthcare providers, security is paramount. Patient data must be automatically encrypted in accordance with security requirements such as NHS Information Governance.  


Referral management

Community and mental health services receive a large number of inbound, paper-based referrals, which need to be managed efficiently.   




“Carenotes has become our central port of call for all clinical information and is critical to the aims of the programme. It allows us to manage the pathway of care for 0-25 year-olds in a way that was not possible before, ensuring smooth transfers of information and services between the different stages of a patient’s care.”

Adam Carson, Associate Director of IT

“Docman reduces paper, eliminates the need for paper flow, improves patient safety and improves communication to and from providers.”

Rut Patel, Senior Product Manager

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News & Opinion

PRESS // 12-11-2019

Advanced acquires Cloud-based software provider: CareWorks

by Gordon Wilson, Chief Executive Officer, Advanced

Advanced acquires Cloud-based software provider: CareWorks

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