Market Challenges

The pressures of a Procurement team can make it feel as if they are always one step behind the spending process of their organisation. Rogue spending with poor traceability levels, procurement teams can feel under-resourced to deal with fast-moving and growing organisations and workforces.


High levels of maverick spend

Large organisations are facing high levels of uncontrolled maverick spending among employees. It makes managing how people spend – and therefore strategic planning – increasingly difficult and time consuming.


Ethical initiatives

If initiatives are to be sustainable, ethical and promote locally sourced goods where possible, Procurement teams need a greater understanding of where their goods are coming from.


Stretched resources

Procurement teams looking after the spend of a large employee base lack the people power to change the purchasing habits of their organisation.


Shrinking budgets

Reductions in budgets and the need to do more with less means Procurement teams are under pressure to operate even smarter to stay within their means.

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"The collaborative, dynamic and flexible approach from our Advanced contacts has ensured that the deployment and ongoing development continues to impress and inspire our Procurement teams."

Sonia Soni, Procurement Buyer

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"The implementation of this solution has given our users an ease of online purchasing with set prices, rich catalogue data and selected suppliers resulting in a friendly, low-cost marketplace."

John Feraday, Head of Procurement

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"Introducing Cloud Marketplace has significantly reduced the transactional costs of ordering and paying invoices for items procured through the system."

Ian Jarvey, Deputy Head of Procurement

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