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A lack of affordable high-quality residential care, under strain from limited funding, means more people are wishing to receive care in their own homes.


Our care worker solution drives efficient working practices and improved scheduling for care workers on the road. Our innovative technology allows domiciliary care providers to eradicate out-dated paper-based schedules and saves staff time with flexible mobile access, maximising resources to help them deliver the best care possible.

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Understanding key issues


Over-reliance on paper

Timesheets and rotas produced and completed on paper results in processes that are time-consuming for care workers and managers, whilst being prone to error.

Better attendance monitoring

Monitoring attendance at appointments is vital to the delivery of appropriate care. Without real-time information, care organisations struggle to react to changes and cancellations, costing them time and money.

Poor auditability

With the need to provide evidence for care quality commision compliance, current paper-based reporting capabilities are not agile and often do not provide a complete audit trail of activity.

Manual payroll processes

Manual payroll processes result in poor visibility, lacking real-time information as well as validation of processes such as expense claims.

How our Staffplan Software can help you


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Staffplan?

    Staffplan is an ‘all-in-one’ care management solution that reduces the time spent on scheduling and administration tasks to help organisations deliver outstanding care.

  • What benefits will Staffplan bring to my care organisation?

    Staffplan drives efficient working practices and improves scheduling for care workers on the road. Our innovative technology allows care providers to eradicate outdated paper-based processes and schedules. It saves staff time with flexible mobile access, maximising resources to help them deliver the best care possible.

  • How can Staffplan help with staff rostering?

    Staffplan reduces the need for paper schedules and ensures that care is available in the right place at the right time. Staffplan intelligently rosters staff taking into account both staff and service user preferences, removing the need for manual checking.

  • How can Staffplan provide staff with information on the go?

    Staffplan’s integrated mobile solution, iConnect, ensures that staff schedules, visit bookings and service user information are available to your care workers on the go. It is easy to reschedule bookings in response to service demands or changes to staff availability.

  • Is the integrated mobile solution easy to use?

    The interface for the mobile solution is designed for ease of use, meaning carers can spend more time delivering essential care.

  • What devices can I use for the mobile solution?

    The mobile solution is available on most current iOS and Android devices.

  • Will Care Management Software integrate with other care solutions?

    Our relationships with key best of breed care delivery and monitoring solutions such as the PASSsystem, Birdie and CM2000, ensures you can deliver the most complete care to your clients.

  • How secure is our data in Staffplan?

    Our own secure infrastructure and 24/7 support function means that all of your data is secure and GDPR-compliant. Security levels within the system ensure that data that is sensitive or protected can only be viewed by those that are required to do so. This provides the regulatory compliance that we understand you must adhere to.

“Staffplan is such a user-friendly system. It’s more than just figures on a screen. It provides us a visual image of what each day looks like and that helps us all immensely. Care co-ordinators can spot gaps and it gives us much more control.”

James Back, Director

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“Staffplan lets us strategically plan allocations of work to our care assistants. And since it is also capable of invoicing, payroll and management reports, it helps to underpin our business model."

Mark Sayers, Director

“Staffplan allows us to efficiently manage our care delivery, minimising Care Workers travel time and waiting time. The result is that Care Workers are less likely to leave, and our coordinators have time to complete documentation."

Mike Lewington, IT Manager

“It’s a key system for us, we rely on it so much, and if we didn’t have Staffplan we would be stuck.”

Jill Carpenter, Company Accountant

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