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Increased pressure from an ageing population, limited and constrained funding, and competition with other care providers have led to more and more people wishing to receive care within their own homes.

Our flexible solution for care worker rostering empowers users to drive efficient working practices and reduce reliance on paper-based schedules, while providing mobile support to care workers on the road.

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How can it help you?

Improved staff scheduling

Our solution allows you to record the preferences and needs of both your service users and your staff. This enables you to allocate the best-fit care worker for each visit at a person’s home when compiling your schedule, based on completed training, qualifications and service user needs and preferences.

Reduced admin time

Our homecare rostering solution also enables you to reduce time spent on compiling the staff schedule – you can copy schedules from one week to the next, and the system will automatically direct you towards gaps needing to be filled, helping you quickly allocate shift times.

Real-time schedule updates

The mobile element of our solution also empowers you to reduce paper, print and postage costs, by automatically delivering schedules to care workers’ own devices at the touch of a button.



Person-centred care

Take staff and service user needs and preferences into account when scheduling care workers


Reduced paperwork

Rosters can appear on care workers' mobile devices in real-time, and they can add notes to records while on the move


Cost-effective scheduling

Auto-allocate best-fit care staff for time slots or service user locations, reducing reliance on available agency staff


Integrated mobile working

Care workers are able to make notes and update care delivery details while away from the office directly on their mobile application


Back-office time savings

Reduce time spent on compiling the staff schedule by copying schedules and auto-allocating visit slots


Visit monitoring and ECM

Staffplan integrates with our visit monitoring and Electronic Call Monitoring (ECM) solution – connecting you to remote workers

Key features

The expertise provided by our clinical team gives us an intimate knowledge of the challenges of the UK social care system, and we align our software development to reflect the needs of our customers and their clients.

We’re at the forefront of the social care sector, and our solutions are trusted by over 1,000 care providers in the UK. Our solutions are used daily to help organisations plan, deliver and manage high quality care.

It's time for modern homecare organisations to embrace change. Transform your finances, improve staff efficiency and focus on providing personalised care.

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Our auto-allocation feature allows managers to budget staff shifts effectively, take into account absences and holidays, and source best-fit care staff for a particular time slot or service user.

Care portals

Special portals enable service users and their families to keep track of which care worker will be visiting, when they will be arriving and which tasks they will carry out when they are there. This allows care delivery to be more closely monitored, and can lead to increased trust between the service user and the care provider.

Staffplan Data Gateway

The Data Gateway enables you to design, build and change reports using simple search options. You can also run reports against a real-time copy of your Staffplan data, to maintain system performance, allowing you to centralise your reports and visualisation tools.

"Staffplan Roster has transformed us into a modern and highly efficient organisation. We have been able to move from employing lots of part-time staff to having a smaller but more productive team of full-time employees, which has made a significant difference to our bottom line through a reduction in recruitment and training fees."
John-Joe Cottam, Owner, Gardiner’s Nursing and Homecare
"Advanced has an excellent reputation across the sector and having multiple products from the same supplier means that our IT systems are more integrated, which saves us considerable amounts of time and therefore money."
Marc Jordan, Assistant Principal, College of North West London
"We also wanted to use technology to unlock the potential of our workforce. For example, care workers will operate through the Advanced Hosting platform when logging on remotely to manage their visit schedules, via smart devices such as a tablet or phone. This saves valuable time; care workers won’t have to spend time organising paperwork and instead can concentrate on what is really important, the care of its service users."
Scott Christie, CEO, Carewatch

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"We required a modern solution that was also very user-friendly as many of our staff had limited experience of using computers at that time."
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"Advanced has successfully built a really strong, resilient and flexible platform that offers versatility and scope for many years to come."
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"Having a flexible and reliable platform allows us to create a long term IT strategy leading up to and after the completion of the tunnel."
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