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Managing the sourcing process is critical for every public sector organisation. Our Tender Management Solution is pre-configured to be able to deal with anything from small quotes, all the way up to a full-scale tender, providing a complete audit trail with a secure document repository.

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Understanding key issues

Poor traceability 

Not being able to understand where you are sourcing items from makes it harder to meet sector-specific initiatives, such as increasing the use of local suppliers.

Overstretched workforce

With limited resources, Procurement teams struggle to source, manage and communicate with their organisation’s wide range of suppliers.

Inefficient processes

Managing the tender process without an efficient solution is time-consuming and prone to error. It also means organisations are unable to track and monitor the full tender process over time.

Uncontrolled sourcing

Maverick employees – those sourcing their own suppliers without the necessary checks – make visibility, traceability and auditability increasingly difficult.

Disengaged employees

Employees have become frustrated because they are often not included in sourcing the right suppliers for their individual needs.


How our Tender Management software can help you


Dedicated Support Team


24hr Customer Portal


Regular Product Updates


97% Project Delivery Score

“The managed service will minimise our internal efforts and deliver clean and reliable data. Suppliers will also benefit from improved accuracy on purchase orders transacted electronically through an integrated system".

Lee Robertson, Senior Procurement Manager

"The collaborative, dynamic and flexible approach from our Advanced contacts has ensured that the deployment and ongoing development continues to impress and inspire our procurement teams."

Sonia Soni, Procurement Buyer

"Advanced has proven to be a highly responsive partner – the close collaboration with the university is driving innovation that benefits the whole of the higher education sector."

Kerry Syks, Deputy Director of Finance


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