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IT Services for Legal

You, more than anyone, know that the legal sector is changing.

Technology, the pandemic, increased competition, and new customer expectations are all transformative pressures that must be addressed.


Legal IT Services

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The data deluge

Legal firms generate huge amounts of documentation and data which can cause storage, organisational and security issues.

Advanced can help you on your digitisation journey – leveraging the latest cloud technologies to gain valuable insights from your data and embrace automation capabilities to gain efficiencies. Through this, we not only help you manage and secure your data, but also help you save time, reduce costs, and jump ahead of the competition.

Legacy infrastructure

Aging infrastructure can hinder productivity and growth, however concerns around downtime, rocky transitions, and a lack of expertise can hold law firms back from modernising, leaving them stuck on platforms not fit for purpose.

Advanced will work with you to understand your objectives, devising a strategy to move your firm to a flexible platform fit for the legal future, ensuring a smooth transition throughout. We will not abandon you after migration either, as we can provide continuous support, advice and proactive optimisation, ensuring you don’t lose billable hours.

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Hybrid workforces

From chambers to court, your users are spread out and constantly moving- only exacerbated by the new ‘work from wherever’ reality. This hybrid set up is proving a desirable option for hard to hire talent and is essential to supporting productivity and customer service.

We recognise that lawyers need to access and do their work without barriers. We can evolve your IT estate to provide reliable and secure access across devices and locations, providing anytime, anywhere, any device freedom.

Cost & budget constraints

Increasingly every business must do more with less and the legal sector is certainly not immune to belt tightening. We can help you create the business case for outsourcing, and our focus on evergreen solutions ensures your technology will be future proofed. By helping you modernise and leverage the power of cloud, we can move you to Opex costing where you only pay for what you use and scale as required.

We help you bake in flexibility, so when the time is right to innovate, grow, or even make necessary cuts, you stand ready with a technology platform that can adapt.

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Advanced are one of the biggest providers of software in the legal market, and with more than 20 years’ experience in the sector, we are in prime position to understand your needs and deliver superior IT Services.

Advanced IT Services stand ready to help your firm on the journey to a stronger future. Our strategists can help you assess and overcome your challenges, using our considerable expertise in technology and the legal sector.

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