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Advanced announces their partnership with Compleat Software
Blog //04-10-2021

Advanced announces their partnership with Compleat Software

by Daniel Docherty, Director of Strategy

This new partnership gives our customers immediate access to best-in-class digital invoice capture, accounts payable automation and online buying & digital procurement. This is the latest expansion in our global partner ecosystem, working with Compleat Software throughout the UK, US, and Australia.

Compleat Software supplies leading edge AP (Accounts Payable) Automation & “Purchase to Pay” solutions that offer next-generation automation at an affordable cost for businesses of all sizes.

iCompleat is a modular SaaS (Software as a Service) application that enables customers to select just what they need today, with the opportunity to extend the levels of automation they achieve over time. The solution is hosted by Azure cloud technologies for a solid & scalable tool that future-proof’s business growth across a wide variety of industries and suppliers.

 The user-friendly platform delivers a seamless, paperless process that is straightforward to configure, deploy and use for everyone, both inside and outside the finance department.

iCompleat offers a range of new capabilities to customers, including:

- Multi company, currency & language support, all accounts can be managed from one workspace
- Digital invoice capture
- Accounts payable automation
- Dynamic powerful approval workflows
- Integrated online buying from your supplier websites
- Procure to Pay automation with 2- or 3-way matching
- Advanced Spend Analytics and reporting, finding and delivering cost savings
- Mobile App enablement, supporting the remote workforce and flexibility of the approval process
- Full digital audit trail
- Delivering affordable automation

By automating the important, time-consuming, and often admin-heavy tasks that are carried out manually, the risk of human error, fraud, and financial loss is significantly reduced.  Advanced Spend Analytics & reporting adds Supplier Category Management reporting to every general ledger and enhances spend visibility. This ensures that organisations can make more informed financial decisions and spend more time proactively driving business improvements, enhancing cost savings and enabling growth.

Advanced is committed to delivering our customers with the highest quality services, so we are looking forward to welcoming Compleat on-board with an innovative solution that will be transformative for our customers and clients. This partnership will further develop the financial management capabilities at Advanced, to help us support business growth and success.

Daniel Docherty, Director of Strategy at Advanced, commented:

"We are excited to be working alongside Compleat Software. At Advanced, we constantly strive to improve the range of products and services we offer our customers and clients, enabling true transformative solutions which help them deliver business growth and success. The integration of this innovative solution will be an excellent addition to our portfolio of solutions. We look forward to seeing where this partnership will take us in the future".

Phil Douglas, CEO at Compleat Software, added:

“We are absolutely delighted to be partnering with Advanced.

At Compleat Software, we believe in enabling businesses to achieve the extraordinary. Using the latest innovative technology to support our partners & customers as we evolve and adapt to new ways of working. With Advanced’s focus on their customers' growth & success, and their ambition to ensure that they are partnering with leading solution providers, this partnership is a great fit for us.

We are extremely excited to see where this partnership leads, and what the future holds for our customers, our solutions, and for each other. #TheFutureIsNow”

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Daniel Docherty

Daniel Docherty


Director of Strategy

Daniel joined OneAdvanced in May 2019 to lead our Software as a Service portfolio, moving on to lead the overall Finance Management, Spend Management and People Management strategy. He brings over 18 years of experience in core business and finance solutions, working with customers from a wide background of industries and scale.

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