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Advanced welcomes Meridian Services in adopting CareDirector
Press //29-04-2022

Advanced welcomes Meridian Services in adopting CareDirector

by OneAdvanced PR, Author

Advanced is delighted to announce that Meridian Services has chosen our case management solution - CareDirector.

Meridian Services has reached a new agreement with Advanced to implement CareDirector to help manage its assisted living and home care services.

Based in Golden Valley near Minneapolis, Meridian Services provides assisted living and home care services to vulnerable people, including those with learning disabilities. Since 1980, Meridian Services has continued to evolve from delivering case management services, to supporting assisted and independent living for people across the State of Minnesota. Meridian Services was awarded the CARF accreditation in 2003 for its services and has maintained this accreditation every three years since.

Meridian Services is partnered with Orion Associates, a group which already has over 250 individual users of CareDirector. Other regional partner service agencies include Pinnacle and Apex. Meridian Services and partner organizations recognised the need to extend CareDirector into their businesses to help streamline their service processes.

Rebecca Thomley, owner of Meridian Services, comments, “Our companies are already doing great work in the field of human services in Minnesota, so we are delighted to adopt CareDirector to help us take the next step in managing our services more efficiently and effectively.”

The need to digitize and enhance services has become more important in recent years. Having a digital platform to manage service delivery with built-in workflows improves the effectiveness and quality of the care provided, and also the satisfaction of those providing care.

Solutions like CareDirector encourage more efficient work practices which enable leading care providers, such as Meridian Services, to enhance the amount of personalized care they deliver to their clients.

What is CareDirector?

CareDirector is the Advanced case management solution for health and human services and social care organizations. With over 20 years’ experience of delivering solutions throughout the US, UK and Europe, our CareDirector solution enables users to manage their delivery of services, billing and to streamline communications.

Richard Wells, Sales Director USA, comments, “CareDirector has been successfully supporting our customers and their clients for a number of years. We are extremely proud to expand our relationship with service providers in the Mid-West of the USA who are using CareDirector to help improve the efficiency of their care delivery. Most importantly, CareDirector helps to put citizens at the centre of their own care.”

What makes CareDirector effective?

  • Easily configured and tailored to suit the needs of individual organizations.
  • Allows users to monitor and deliver every aspect of the care process.
  • Helps to manage complex cases using visual representations of case priority and quantity.
  • Streamlines communications by facilitating direct contact and providing digitalized updates.
  • Leverages Microsoft tools and integrates with Microsoft products.

To find out more about CareDirector and how it can benefit your organization, visit:

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