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85% of care home staff say mobile technology is needed

30/09/2015 minute read Ric Thompson

Survey reveals mobile devices are still under-utilised despite the recognised benefits

The majority of care workers are still using paper client records, despite 85% recognising that mobile technology is needed in care homes, according to a new survey from Advanced. The survey of 103 care workers revealed that 79% of organisations are still using paper records and that 73% of workers are spending time at the end of their shift updating them.

Respondents to the survey came from a range of small, medium and large sized organisations, and those that reported working over their regular hours were from small (one to three care homes) or medium (four to 39 care homes) size organisations.

Despite 92% saying they would be happy to use a mobile device as part of their role and 85% saying they needed mobile technology, most care workers are still not using mobile devices. 86% of those surveyed who do use mobiles felt that it improved their working day, cutting out unnecessary administration and freeing up more time to focus on delivering quality care.

George Thaw, Managing Director, Advanced (Health & Care), says, “Mobile technology can deliver significant efficiencies for care workers, enabling administrative tasks to be carried out quickly and easily so that more time can be spent caring for the clients.

“It is clear that frontline staff recognise these and the many other benefits that such technology could bring, but the care sector is still lagging behind other industries by not investing in mobile software. However, with an aging population set to create even more demands in the sector this is not a sustainable approach to delivering quality care of the future.”

The survey also delves into the reasoning behind the lack of uptake of mobile technology in the care sector and finds that the main considerations when choosing are training, workflow functionality and having the flexibility to manage the features of administration tasks.

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