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Data Management in FE: How to Get Ahead with Software from Advanced

Data Management in FE: How to Get Ahead with Software from Advanced

by OneAdvanced PR, Author

The Data Advantage

Being able to access accurate data is critical for further education providers and ITPs. Whether used for funding claims, learner records, course management, or stakeholder reports, data must be up-to-date, robust, and easily exportable. Data must be stored on systems that are intuitive, and where possible, integrated.

Data management systems must be utilised for the upkeep of legislation and legislative changes. Data privacy and security compliance, for example, is stipulated by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act (DPA).

Accurate data is also vital when it comes to funding; a robust system needs to be in place to ensure maximum monthly funding, including learning support (LSF), 16-19, disadvantage, apprenticeship, and adult learning groups.

Joined Up Thinking

An important consideration in data management is having easy access to the data you need. Optimised systems allow data to be pulled together on-demand, streamlining the process of creating reports for stakeholders and inspection bodies. Having the ability to rapidly collate the necessary data for Ofsted inspection greatly reduces burden for staff and senior leaders.

Providers should also consider the role of data throughout the learner journey. Having integrated platforms can greatly help – if your learner ePortfolio software integrates with your assessment tool, for example, you can avoid duplicate input of data, and ensure that your data is accurate, with all the information you need for inspection and funding.

The entirety of the learner journey can be managed efficiently with automated, integrated systems in place. This journey includes:

  • Pre-assessment
  • Enrolment and onboarding
  • Assessment and progression
  • Attendance
  • On and off-the-job training
  • Disadvantage and other funding support
  • Exam resits
  • Evidence portfolios

By holding easily accessible data of the whole learner experience on a centralised platform, you gain a single source of truth – data that can be trusted by funding bodies, board members, employers, learners, and employees.

Powering Apprenticeships

When it comes to apprenticeships, implementing the right Learner Management System (LMS) can save countless hours of manual input. Used widely throughout the UK, Advanced’s LMS supports ITPs and other apprenticeship providers in the delivery of the Individualised Learner Record (ILR). Our ILR platform features ESFA-compliant data capture with inbuilt validations – learner records remain up-to-date and accurate.

With Advanced’s LMS, the Vacancy module matches learners with their ideal placements, and keeps a clear line of communication open throughout the course. This better ensures employer and apprentice satisfaction, reducing attrition rates and enhancing the reputation of the organisation.

A powerful feature of our LMS is the ability to connect with other Advanced and 3rd party platforms. Integrating seamlessly with our ePortfolio solution and AI-driven functional skills assessment tool, our LMS ensures data remains precise and compliant. Fully automated, our integrated solutions mean hundreds of hours saved for HR teams and educators across the academic year.   

Automated FE Management

Our Management Information System (MIS) is made for FE colleges looking to streamline course and learner management. The automated applications and onboarding process is enhanced with self-service forms and duplicate flagging. Enrolment is taken care of with easy-to-use bulk enrolment tools featuring digital signature integration.

ILR forms can be automatically populated from existing student data, allowing for the production of accurate funding claims. At Advanced, we work closely with industry regulators, ensuring your organisation remains constantly updated with the latest funding requirements and compliancy measures.

For efficient course management, our MIS comes with a host of intelligent features including timetable management, seating plans, and clash detection. You can set up compliant courses and programmes with ease, then allocate staff and resources where they are needed. Exam management is made easy with the ability to import awarding body base data, and import and export results and exam submissions.

Discover our powerful solutions for the Education sector.

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