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Five software solutions every law firm should utilise
Blog //15-03-2024

Five software solutions every law firm should utilise

Efficiency is key and law firms are increasingly turning to case management software to streamline their operations, enhance client communication, and improve overall productivity. However, to truly harness the power of these platforms, integrating them with other essential tools and services is crucial.

Here are five must-have solutions for maximising the potential of your law firm:

Document management

According to McKinsey, legal professionals spend around 20% of their time looking for documents they need to manage their cases. That’s one day a week of a solicitor’s time not being spent on billable, profit-making work, but instead on administrative tasks that can be made effortless when digitised.

Document management systems such as NetDocuments can be integrated with case management systems to centralise all case-related documents, correspondence, and evidence in one secure location. With easy access to files directly from your case management interface, you can save time searching for documents and ensure version control and document security.

Time capture and billing software

If there weren’t enough hurdles when managing a case, billing and receiving cash for time spent on a case can become a solicitor’s biggest challenge. Almost two-thirds of small firms and nearly three-quarters of medium-sized firms find themselves grappling with the task of securing payments from clients. Advanced Time Capture allows firms to record time using SmarTimers for the most used programs and mobile device timers, as well as intelligent automation to capture missed time entries common with similar cases. Meaning easier billing, correct invoicing and a range of reporting, forecasting, and compliance tools

Our integration with Vistra enables P4W case management users seamless invoicing, time tracking, and expense management directly from their case management interface. By automating these tasks, users can improve billing accuracy, expedite payment processing, and gain valuable insights into their financial performance.

Client onboarding

Client onboarding is a crucial part of the overall client journey and getting it right could be a defining moment in providing a smooth client experience as the matter progresses, and in remaining compliant.

Minerva (which integrates with ALB) brings together everything law firms need to remotely onboard their clients. Quote management, ID and AML checks, forms and secure online payments, all in a single digital solution.

Thirdfort (which integrates with ALB) is an automated ID verification, anti-money laundering and Source of Funds check solution that ensures compliance and enables law firms and their clients to complete checks in a fraction of the time it would otherwise take.

Legl (which can be integrated with P4W) is an award-winning client onboarding solution that provides a core operating system for law firms to automate and manage their business processes. With Legl, firms can access rich data to better understand client risk and are supported by financial services to effectively manage cash flow and drive revenue growth. Firms can process payments securely with Legl Pay, now integrated in P4W.

Analytics and reporting

Our integration with Katchr seamlessly incorporates their powerful analytics and reporting capabilities into your law firm's operations. By leveraging Katchr, you gain access to comprehensive dashboards that offer real-time insights into critical areas such as fee earner KPIs, marketing effectiveness, case progression, risk management, compliance adherence, client-matter profitability, and departmental profit and loss statements. With this integration, you can effectively monitor and optimise all facets of your law firm's performance within a single, streamlined platform.


As clients search for greater digital journeys and faster matter completions, e-signatures allow law firms to have documents executed by clients much faster than through the post, and in a much more secure environment that reduces the risk of loss and inaction. DocuSign (ALB) and Adobe Sign (P4W) are trusted e-signature providers that can simplify the process.

Integrating your law firm's case management software with these essential tools and services can significantly enhance productivity, streamline workflows, and improve client satisfaction. By leveraging these integrations, you can create a more efficient and cohesive work environment, allowing your firm to focus on delivering exceptional legal services and achieving favourable outcomes for your clients.

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