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Turn your CMS into an all-round PCMS
Blog //13-04-2022

Turn your CMS into an all-round PCMS

by OneAdvanced PR, Author

An efficient and compliant accounts solution in your case management software has become an important part of practice management and fully integrated solutions have been sought to provide confidence and speed when handling the accounts side of case and practice management.

A 360° view of your financials

Complete and simple visibility of your finances is paramount to sound financial management.

Law firms with a fully optimised, 360-degree view of purchase ledgers and client accounts transactions are running much more efficiently and at pace for their client needs. Using a single, integrated account system will ensure that multiple staff members within your firm have permission-based access to accounts and make changes whenever they need to, while providing insight of financials for all members of staff.

Firms can also benefit from:

• High levels of security from working via a hosted platform and accessible from any location
• Eliminating the risk of working from disparate systems and multiple spreadsheets
• Managing and processing payments quicker and create that all-encompassing practice management solution.

Legal compliance

With stringent SRA and HMRC regulations to contend with, it’s important to find solutions that are tailored to the legal sector so that you are confident of remaining compliant when handling your accounts.

Introducing Advanced’s PCMS

At Advanced, we focus on enabling law firms to manage their accounting process quickly and easily.

Our legal billing software within our Practice Case Management System allows you to centralise your accounts on one platform, which not only reduces faults, but improves productivity and delivers the visibility you need for you firm to go forward with confidence.

Advanced’s case management solutions’ built-in financial and management reports provide the information you need to run your law firm effectively. You will have a 360-degree view of your accounts that is fully compliant with the latest SRA and HMRC regulations.

Our case management solutions are specifically designed:

• To help admin staff to track spending;
• To protect and safeguarding client account
• To record time and simplify billing

Find out more by visiting our website for more information and to chat with one of our solution experts.

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