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In conversation with… Tashan Everett, Sales Manager at OneAdvanced
Blog //21-02-2024

In conversation with… Tashan Everett, Sales Manager at OneAdvanced

by OneAdvanced PR, Author

When it comes to understanding and fulfilling customers' needs, Tashan Everett stands out as an individual who consistently delivers exceptional results. With 8 years of extensive experience in sales and team management, Tashan has been playing a crucial role in driving business growth and ensuring customer success. In our recent conversation with him, we had the opportunity to delve into the valuable insights that Tashan has gained during his tenure at OneAdvanced, as well as his thoughts on contributing to the future growth of the company.

Can you provide some insight into your experience at OneAdvanced? 

My journey with OneAdvanced began 8 years ago. Initially, I joined the company as part of the first wave of the 'new generation sales team'. During those early days, my responsibilities encompassed promoting a diverse range of products, from HR and payroll solutions to finance. Later, I spent three years in the legal sector's account management team before transitioning to a sales manager role where I lead a team of six.

Throughout this tenure, I have had the privilege of collaborating with exceptional individuals and clients. This valuable experience at OneAdvanced has helped me deepen my insights into the legal sector and understand the transformative power of technology in enhancing efficiency and processes.

How connected are you with your customers and the industry?

Having worked in the legal sector for several years, I have come to understand the complexities and unique challenges faced by law firms. I have been focused on understanding the needs of our clients and providing tailored solutions that address their specific pain points. This requires a deep understanding of the industry, as well as continuous communication and collaboration with our clients to ensure we are constantly meeting their evolving needs. In my role as a sales manager, I strive to ensure that our team is always keeping the customer at the forefront of their approach and providing them with the best possible solutions for their business.

What is your understanding of customer-centricity?

To me, customer-centricity means constantly putting ourselves in our customers' shoes and striving to go above and beyond their expectations.

At OneAdvanced, we strongly believe in fostering long-term relationships with our customers. It is important for me, and everyone at OneAdvanced, to acknowledge that we do not "sell" to our customers. Although my job title is sales, I am a subject matter expert in the legal sector. I have the opportunity to collaborate with customers, understand their unique needs and challenges and provide them with tailored solutions. With this approach, we ensure that we build trust with our customers and become their preferred  partner in their journey towards digital transformation.

How does your team help customers in streamlining their work process?

At OneAdvanced, we prioritise our customers' needs by offering them solutions that simplify their processes and enhance efficiency. Historically, our customers had to manage a cumbersome and time-consuming process of partially filling forms, printing them, sending them to clients, and then manually inputting the returned completed forms back into the system.

Understanding the need for efficiency and modernisation, we have developed a streamlined process that simply sends out a form, the client completes it, and the completed form is automatically saved into our system. This new process reduces the workload for customers as they only have to review the returned data. This change has not only proven to be a massive time saver but also significantly reduces costs related to paper usage and improves overall efficiency.

Can you share an example where you have solved a customer’s problem? 

One notable example involves a top ten law firm that relied on multiple systems, including our own, to accomplish the same task. This approach severely impacted their reporting capabilities, making it nearly impossible to effectively track work in progress. Moreover, the firm struggled to standardise operations across departments. Recognising our longstanding partnership as their primary form supplier, they approached us for a comprehensive solution that could address their business needs.

We introduced them to our innovative cloud forms solution, which revolutionised their operations. This powerful tool provided unparalleled visibility throughout their entire business, allowing them to monitor monthly form production by department and user. Additionally, it streamlined their client interactions, saving valuable time and resources.

Instead of dealing with manual paperwork and constantly chasing clients, they could now digitally provide and receive forms, with completed forms automatically saved in their system. This transformative approach significantly enhanced their efficiency and productivity.

And finally, what have you loved about being part of the OneAdvanced team?

Whilst I enjoy helping our customers to improve their way of working and leading my team towards success, my true passion lies in collaborating with young individuals, mentoring, and coaching them to achieve their full potential. I have had the privilege of being involved in mentoring and coaching activities in the past. One of the most fulfilling experiences I have had was mentoring through a program in collaboration with OneAdvanced and the The Princes’ Trust.

This initiative provided an opportunity to engage with young individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds, offering them a glimpse into the world of work. The participants ranged in age from 14 to 18 and came from various educational backgrounds, including high school, college, and those on the cusp of entering university. Through this program, our aim was to provide them with a valuable "day in the life" experience, illustrating what a career entails. As OneAdvanced are a patron of The Princes’ Trust, I hope to continue to be involved with them in the future.  

Thank you to Tashan for his insights and commitment in understanding and meeting customers’ requirements.

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