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Why should you consider Hybrid Cloud?
Blog //23-09-2022

Why should you consider Hybrid Cloud?

by OneAdvanced PR, Author

What is Hybrid Cloud?

A hybrid cloud is an IT environment that uses a combination of public cloud, private cloud, on-premises and third-party services, with orchestration between them to run workloads. This usually involves a connection from an on-premises data centre to a public cloud, however other assets may also be involved.

In a hybrid cloud model, businesses deploy workloads in private IT environments or public clouds and move between them as needs change.

What are the benefits of this approach?

Flexibility. With a hybrid approach, businesses can migrate workloads between on-premises infrastructure and a public cloud whenever requirements change, providing a huge amount of agility. Organisations can provision private cloud resources and leverage additional resources from public cloud when needed.

Cost Control. Private cloud infrastructure requires significant capital investment, along with skilled personnel for deployment and ongoing management. By connecting their private cloud environment to a public cloud, organisations can take advantage of the elasticity of public cloud for spikes in demand. Additionally, businesses can take advantage of the most cost-effective option, whether that is private cloud or public, with the flexibility to swap workloads as pricing or demand require.

A hybrid cloud approach can also increase visibility of costs, as it is easier to split consumption into capital and operational costs. This means you can run workloads with predictable capacity on private cloud and migrate more variable workloads to public cloud.

Compliance: In more regulated industries, there are often restrictions on where data is allowed to reside, which can prevent use of public cloud. With hybrid cloud, businesses can keep data in a private environment for sensitive or regulated workloads and use more economical public cloud resources for less-sensitive data.

What services can be provided?

Advanced hybrid cloud services provide customers with secure, highly available, virtualised environments with forecastable and controlled costs. Our environments can be scaled to meet organisational needs- ranging from small organisations up to large corporations and government agencies.

We provide a fully managed service, from on-premises migrations into private cloud, to transformations into public cloud or hybridised builds, resulting in a flexible yet controllable infrastructure.

What technology is involved?

At Advanced, our hybrid cloud solutions are built with IBM Storage solutions, which simplifies and consolidates multi-cloud, multi-app environments, delivering high performance, enterprise-level storage capabilities that are designed for modern data lakes.

Our hosting platform is underpinned by VMware infrastructure. It provides advanced tooling to deliver comprehensive monitoring, control and management of infrastructure. VMware will seamlessly balance virtual services in the most performant way, and we utilise VMware NSX-T software defined networking to allow codified management and elastic scaling. To keep things lean and efficient, tooling also delivers sophisticated right-sizing reporting.

Advanced support a number of key national organisations and with our technology partners, we serve the needs of our country with a hybrid environment fit for the future. Contact us today to get started.

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