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Staying Agile: Care Cloud for the Housing Sector

Staying Agile: Care Cloud for the Housing Sector

by OneAdvanced PR, Author

What is Care Cloud?

Care Cloud is an all-in-one digital solution for care providers, hosted in the cloud. Whether you’re working in a private or public sector organisation, Care Cloud delivers complete functionality, from onboarding, rostering, and occupancy management through to care management, operational management, finance, and reporting. In short, Care Cloud covers every aspect of care delivery.

Who uses Care Cloud?

Care Cloud is used by housing associations, local authorities, private sector organisations, ALMOs, charities, and other care providers. On an individual level, the solution is used by anyone involved in providing domiciliary and residential care, including care workers, operations leads, HR, care co-ordinators, and finance directors.

How is Care Cloud Different?

Unlike competing products, Care Cloud houses complete functionality within a centralised digital platform. While competitors may offer a ‘suite’ of individual products, Care Cloud brings together all the functionality you need for outstanding care provision in one solution – a single source of truth for your organisation.

How can Care Cloud Benefit my Organisation?

A good way to look at the benefits of Care Cloud is to determine how the software helps overcome common challenges within the sector. We’ve listed 7 challenges and solutions below.

  1. Challenge: recruitment and retention issues

Solution: With Care Cloud, you get full visibility of the applicant pipeline, allowing you to see where there is a staff shortfall, and plan accordingly. With mobile functionality, you can recruit from anywhere, and existing staff are able to view their schedule and additional available work from any location. From the dashboard, you get clear visibility of annual leave and notifications on planned leavers, allowing you to maximise staff retention.

  1. Challenge: rostering difficulties

Solution: Care Cloud allows for efficient shift planning, whether for multiple sites, or across different floors of a home. The user-friendly roster screen enables employees to be rostered for shifts, holidays, and training, all in a single, blended view. Rostering can be automated for employees working regular shift patterns – greatly reducing the need for manual input – and the intelligent forecasting wallchart shows you where rostering may become difficult in the future, giving you time to plan ahead.

  1. Challenge: payroll and invoicing complexities

Solution: Invoicing can be difficult in the care sector, with manual input often required for complex scenarios such as shared care and uplifts to charge rates. With Care Cloud you get a clear break down of all invoices, along with the ability to apply retrospective changes in bulk. Payroll is also simplified, with automated calculations, and a full breakdown of gross pay which can be emailed to employees. The system supports multiple employee contracts, whether salaried, contracted, or hourly.

  1. Challenge: accessing the data you need

Solution: All too often, data is siloed within care organisations, making it difficult to share across departments and functions. You may also have a stack of digital solutions made by different companies, making it difficult to share and integrate data for reporting. Care Cloud puts all the functionality you need on a single, centralised system, giving you instant access to your data for reporting to stakeholders and employees. Real-time graphical displays make it easy to view areas of your business needing immediate attention.

  1. Challenge: staying compliant

Solution: Providing compliance data for regulating bodies is straightforward with Care Cloud. Detailed, interactive dashboards are available for all levels of your organisation, ensuring data is kept accurate and up to date. Advanced searches, dashboards and home screens give you quick access to data you need for inspection, making it easy to evidence Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOEs). Care Cloud is compliant with social care data standards, including PRSB About Me.

  1. Challenge: accurate employee recording

Solution: Care Cloud’s mobile app gives you all the core features of the desktop product, and can be used on any mobile device. Through the app, care workers can provide accurate details of time spent in a client’s home, and can easily track journeys to ensure accurate mileage pay. What’s more, the app gives care workers on-the-go access to client details and care plans, ensuring they have all the information they need to carry out their jobs effectively.

  1. Challenge: employee safety

Solution: Of course, employee safety is paramount for any care provider. Using the Care Cloud app, you can see when an employee is on route, entered and exited a building, and arrived home safely. Within the app, workers can contact the office or emergency services, and precautionary measures can be made to alert lone employees not to commence a visit without another colleague present.

In Summary

For care providers, Care Cloud is an invaluable digital tool, putting all your operational, financial, and logistical needs in one place. Easy to navigate dashboards and home screens make compliance and reporting straightforward, and the feature-rich mobile app gives care workers all the client information they need while keeping them safe as they carry out their duties.

For more information, download the Care Cloud brochure today.  

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