The benefits of using the new ALB version 3.4
Blog //10-10-2022

The benefits of using the new ALB version 3.4

by Advanced PR, Author

Have you heard of the new features available on our practice and case management system ALB? We’re pleased to announce that the new features contained in our latest 3.4 release have now reached general availability following a successful early adopter phase. A number of law firms are already benefitting from the new features allowing improved efficiencies and client satisfaction.

Some of our new features include:

Single sign-on

This feature provides centralised ALB security and control and allows quick user access to multiple applications. This development delivers real value to firms with the ability to easily add or remove user permissions instantly, across applications, whenever necessary.

Faster management of data imports

We have introduced two new functions that allow large amounts of data to be entered into ALB quickly.

Bulk matter processing – does your law firm work with increasing volumes of work but small-figured jobs such as conveyancing than this is a perfect model to be working with.

Account posting – any new financial postings are available by viewing the Deposit Account Tab. This saves cashiers significant time and effort in dealing with postings that have smaller transactional values.


This feature helps firms who wish to become more inclusive, new data fields have been included including gender and title fields to provide greater flexibility for firms who wish to use it. 

Saving time and administration

Once a document is signed and completed within ALB a notification is received within the ALB inbox, with a quick link to the matter. Within the matter history, a new column appears to reflect the completed signing status. An automated email reminder and document expiry dates can be set to notify users to promptly action. You will also able to see on the matter history new columns reflecting the signing status and a PDF copy of the signed copy.

Don’t forget we will be exhibiting at the Legal Futures Conference in London on the 16th November, if you’re attending, our friendly staff are on hand to give more information on our products.

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Click here to read our full ALB 3.4 product brief to find out more about our new product features.

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