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The Importance of Secure Onboarding Within your Case Management Software
Blog //20-03-2023

The Importance of Secure Onboarding Within your Case Management Software

by OneAdvanced PR, Author

The importance of security when it comes to managing sensitive client data, as a law firm, cannot be understated. With the increasing prevalence of cyber-attacks and data breaches, ensuring the security of your law firm's information is more crucial than ever.

While plenty has been done to raise the awareness of potential data security issues, one area that is often overlooked concerns the onboarding process of new clients. Collecting and storing client information is essential for a law firm to function, but it also presents a significant security risk if not handled correctly.

Fortunately, this can be rectified with the use of a robust case management software that can help law firms mitigate these risks and ensure secure onboarding of new clients. Here are a few ways in which a new case management software can help:

Centralised data storage

A case management software provides a centralised location for all client data, making it easier to manage and secure. This eliminates the need for multiple copies of client information, reducing the risk of data loss or unauthorised access.

Integrations with onboarding specialists

Our case management systems have multiple integrations with specialist tools specifically tailored towards onboarding such as Thirdfort with ALB. Thirdfort can cut down onboarding time by up to 80% thanks to its verified ID checks and automated Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks from within the case management system itself.

To find out more about how Thirdfort works with Advanced, click here.

Another intergration is with Perfect Portal and P4W, a comprehensive platform that caters to the needs of a conveyancing business, this solution enables your firm to handle the entire workflow, starting from quotes to completion from within the case management system itself.

Legl is another recent integration within P4W. They provide a core operating system for law firms to automate and manage their business processes. This allows firms to gain access to valuable data and comprehend client risk more effectively.

Role-based access control

With a case management software, you can assign different levels of access to each employee based on their role within the firm. This ensures that only authorised personnel have access to sensitive client data.

Compliance with data protection regulations

The software helps law firms comply with data protection regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by providing secure storage and access controls for client data.

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