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What benefits can Advanced Virtual Smartcard provide your organisation?
Blog //27-10-2023

What benefits can Advanced Virtual Smartcard provide your organisation?

by Health and Care, OneAdvanced Public Sector

What is Advanced Virtual Smartcard?

Advanced Virtual Smartcard is a software that enables access to the NHS Spine instantly and from anywhere in a secure manner.  

Unlike a physical Smartcard, Advanced Virtual Smartcard doesn’t require any hardware for the user to gain access to the NHS Spine, but can be used securely on any device. It also cannot be shared, lost, stolen or damaged, meaning a data breach is much less likely.

Advanced Virtual Smartcard and RPA 

Robotic process automation (RPA) is a software technology that simplifies the creation, deployment, and management of software robots (‘bots’) that emulate human actions when interacting with digital systems and software.

These ‘bots’ exhibit capabilities such as screen comprehension, accurate keystrokes, system navigation, data identification and extraction, and the execution of various predefined actions. Unlike human operators, the ‘bots’ perform these tasks at a faster pace and with consistent efficiency, without requiring breaks or interruptions for physical well-being.

RPA has now been greenlit by the NHS, so it can be used in a healthcare environment in order to save both clinical and non-clinical staff hours of time by using these ‘bots’ to automate admin tasks that do not require human interaction, such as updating files, registering patients, sending appointment reminders and so on.  

However, without access to the NHS Spine the RPA is unable to gather the needed data and make necessary updates to perform all the tasks required of it, rendering it inefficient. Advanced Virtual Smartcard is compatible with RPA, allowing it to access the NHS Spine too, meaning it can pull the information it needs to complete the behind-the-scenes admin work your people don’t have time to do.

Other advantages of Advanced Virtual Smartcard


Using Advanced Virtual Smartcard takes pressure off Registration Authorities (RA) who often find themselves inundated with requests to replace missing cards and reset login information that the user has forgotten.

Users of Advanced Virtual Smartcard cannot lose their card and therefore will not need it replaced, and with an integrated self-service management platform, users can manage their own smartcards, reducing the burden on RA staff. This means less downtime waiting on RA staff to respond to requests, increasing productivity.


Without the ability to share, damage or lose their Smartcard there is also an increase of data security. Every use of a Virtual Smartcard is audited, giving the organisation a clear view of when and who authenticated, which apps were used and for how long.

Advanced Virtual Smartcard is secured to NHS security standards, it allows for two-factor authentication, which consists of something the user knows (the passcode) and something the user has (a smartphone or biometric, for example).


It might not always be possible or convenient for staff to gain access to a device with the hardware needed to use a physical smartcard. If a staff member cannot make it into their place of work and instead needs to work from home, not having access to the Spine would mean a large loss in productivity.

By giving staff members the ability to log into the Spine from anywhere, on any device, you are enabling them to work at full capacity at all times, reducing any unnecessary downtime.

If you want to find out more about how Advanced Virtual Smartcard can help your organisation boost productivity and security, get in touch with a member of our team.

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