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What’s New in ALB?
Blog //08-09-2022

What’s New in ALB?

by OneAdvanced PR, Author

We’re pleased to announce the new features contained in our latest version of ALB 3.4, now comes with digital enhancements to help you achieve faster matter completion and greater security whilst enhancing your clients’ satisfaction.

DocuSign Integration

Our integration with market leading e-signature solution DocuSign, offers your clients the freedom to sign any document, from any location, on any device. With 200 million+ users across the globe, they provide comprehensive e-signature functionality that legal firms can easily use and trust. It allows users to create, send, sign and manage online sales documents without having to switch between different tabs. With digital transformation requirements, a growing number of fast-thinking firms are already embracing DocuSign.

Read our e-Signatures Factsheet to learn more about our integration with DocuSign and how it delivers a new digital signatory process that can be managed directly from within ALB.

Cloud Forms Integration

The integration of ALB with the full digital efficiency of Cloud Forms offers the opportunity to significantly enhance the functionality of your desktop forms software.

Firms currently using Laserforms benefit from a simple interface where users can access their recently viewed forms, search the wider library and access their custom mapped items. When opening a form they will directly access the new Cloud Form feature, without the loss of any mapped data.

This digital solution offers 24/7 access, full, online submission management, and greater collaboration with colleagues and clients. Watch now our webinar on ALB and Cloud Forms integration.

We’re your legal software partner

Click here to read our full ALB 3.4 product brief to find out more about how our new version features.

More than 5,000 law firms and barristers chambers across the UK trust us to keep them ahead of the curve. With legal procedures becoming ever-more digitised, our solutions are designed so you can not only meet the challenge but go beyond it and utilise software powered possibility to maximise efficiency, ensure security and compliance and make the day-to-day easier.


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