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The Internet of Things holds enormous potential, and has also generated a lot of hype; it’s time to focus on tangible benefits for your organisations and trust a partner who has done it before. The Internet of Things will be one of the great disruptive forces of the next decade, allowing new revenue streams, clear insight into complex and remote business process, and creating new business possibilities. While IoT is very much the technology of the future, it is also the technology of the present. Core technology standards and processes are well established, so for many organisations the imperative is to find creative business applications to gain competitive advantage; and for that, the possibilities are endless.

Internet of ThingsThe Internet of Things holds tremendous potential for manufacturing, and not just for the production line. As part of a long-standing partnership, Mitsibushi Electric, one of the world’s largest heating, ventilation and air conditioning companies, teamed up with Advanced to build an IoT platform which revolutionised their business. The mobile app differentiated their product line, the high performance data warehouse of appliance data allowed advanced analytics for predictive maintenance, and new insights into how customers used Mitsubishi products directly created new revenue streams. In industries where technology advancement often is used to increase operating efficiency, IoT can be used creatively to significantly increase customer service and satisfaction.

A new way of looking at the worldIoT offers a new way of looking at the world, and how technology can benefit your organisation. Whether you are a local council which needs to make neighbourhoods safer with more reliable streetlamps, a health authority which needs to improve patient care with wearable sensors, a transportation company which needs to keep things running with field service or a manufacturing company which needs to unlock new revenue streams with new insight, Advanced can provide the technical know-how to start you on your Internet of Things journey.

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We have first-hand knowledge of compliance requirements, including issues around PII, GDPR, and the Cloud.

Migration support

Migration Support

With a Multi-Cloud environment, you identify the applications and data that can be moved to the Cloud, and Advanced can fully support that migration.

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Advanced are accredited by Microsoft and Amazon as a Cloud Service Provider due to our Public Cloud capabilities. We also have a wealth of experience with Private Cloud platforms, and Hybrid and Multi-Cloud environments. Due to this, we can partner with you and fully manage your Cloud experience.

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