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In today’s world you see many organisations using a mobile app to complete a single business task. It might be for internal employees or for external customers, but they are developed because they fit the business need better than a desktop application. Additionally, mobile will form a cornerstone in many organisations’ Digital Transformation programme, supporting new market channels or enabling organisational efficiencies.  The emergence of mobile apps has also seen another phase in the ongoing modernisation of legacy systems. Many organisations are now considering their options for delivering improvement through on-premise or Cloud-based services and taking desktop applications mobile.  We deliver native and hybrid mobile apps for iPads, iPhones, Android, Windows, and other devices using our mobilisation framework – quickly, easily and with lowest lifetime cost.  We have a specialist development team focused on mobile enablement of core business processes with a belief that selecting the correct technology for the requirement is critical to delivering a solution that meets business needs. Our experience and expertise offers tremendous choice to select the mobile platform which best meets your organisations needs now and in the future.

Phone gapToday’s mobile apps need to be targeted, functional business tools, often aimed at the internal organisational workforce rather than external customers. These apps may automate a key business process, provide salespeople with key information on the road, or enable fast and efficient health and safety reporting. Today’s organisations must support a wide range of staff mobile devices, and when PhoneGap / Cordova became a viable enterprise platform for mobile applications several years ago, it made cost-effective enterprise mobile applications a reality. With an open standards based approach to mobile development, and the ability to code once and deploy to all the major phone platforms, PhoneGap / Cordova is still a leading choice for cross-platform mobile applications.

XamarianIn the hybrid world of mobile apps where you only need to code once and deploy to multiple platforms, Xamarin is another platform recommended by Advanced. Utilising C# as a back-end language and now fully integrated into Microsoft Visual Studio, Xamarin is often a leading choice for organisations with a Microsoft-centric long-term strategy. The familiarity of Microsoft tools for development can lead to substantially decreased total cost of ownership, and Advanced have the experience and expertise to lead organisations on the journey to gain competency and results fast in a rapidly growing area.

Microsoft power appsMicrosoft PowerApps are an exciting new technology which enables organisations to very quickly mobile-enable existing assets like Excel, SharePoint and Dynamics 365 in a cloud-based, no-code templated solution. Ideal for simple business enablement workloads, PowerApps can provide the functionality only possible through a bespoke native development project just a few years ago. Whether it be a number of tactical mobile-enabled workflows, forms and dashboards, or part of a wider mobile strategy which uses different platforms to best address different business needs, Advanced can advise and quickly deliver this part of your digital transformation.

Html singleSometimes a true mobile app is required, but in other times what is required is a responsive web application which looks and behaves like a native mobile app, but is equally at home in a browser and has a lifecycle more similar to a bespoke web application. In these scenarios, Advanced can draw on its breadth and long experience of bespoke web development and create a solution which is mobile-ready, but recognises that an organisation might not be prepared for a mobile-first strategy just yet. With a wide range of technologies, expertise and experience, Advanced can help advise on, and build, the most appropriate solution for your organisation right now and in the future.

Red hat MobileAs organisations mature, they will face mobile application lifecycle management requirements that are similar to what organisations face now in their traditional application estate. With open standards, compatibility and integration with all major mobile device operating systems and development platforms, Red Hat Mobile offers a lifecycle management solution for the entire suite of mobile applications and associated web services integrations across your enterprise. Application lifecycle management is a challenge for many organisations, and Red Hat Mobile can address that challenge in the mobile arena before it becomes overwhelming.

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Mobility allows for users to enter data at more appropriate times.

Increased Revenue

Increased Revenue

Outlets for employees to be more productive

Improved Customer Service

Improved Customer Service

Creating relationships through mobile apps provides more value.



Less resource intensive compared to closed code solutions. Also, we do not lock you into a contrace, so you have no licence fees, and can change the code as you please.

User Experience

User Experience

The design and appearance caters to the needs of the user making it a simple experience.

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