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Cloud Application Development

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There are many times when organisations face unique opportunities and challenges, and a bespoke solution to driving innovation must be found.

Cloud development platforms offer an exciting opportunity for organisations that wish to increase speed-to-value and architect solutions which offer flexibility and cost efficient operations. Advancements in areas such as micro services and containerisation allow flexibility in application development and release which can drive speed. The standards based framework of the major cloud vendors allow flexibility to use proprietary development tools alongside open source solutions for a cost efficient solution.

Azure PaaS Development

The Azure Platform-as-a-Service PaaS offering provides tremendous advantages to bespoke application development, including speed of delivery, more flexible long-term architectural frameworks, and more responsive practices such as DevOps. While use of a PaaS solution is relatively new for most organisations, Advanced believe that within a few years it will be the norm for almost all bespoke development. However, with PaaS opportunities comes a very different way of development and architecting enterprise-class applications. With several years’ experience of mission-critical application projects on Azure PaaS, Advanced can partner with your business and application teams to ease the transition to the opportunities of the future.

Bespoke Application Development

Unique business challenges require the development of bespoke applications. We help you cut through the complexity whether it be the creation of a unique market leading application, or optimising back-end business processes in a way your competitors can't match.

Creating competitive advantage with your information management solution takes technical ability, sensitivity to business needs, and management experience in equal measure. Whatever your business needs, we can make it easier for you to do business with your customers, staff and partners.

Integrated solutions will help you maximise efficiency and gain competitive strength by harnessing the best of web, database and mobile technologies. Our services are designed to help your organisation use smart, efficient ways to optimise and realise more from your business performance.

ASP.NET Development

Advanced has extensive experience in ASP.NET development for as long as the framework has been in existence. Recognised by Microsoft for our assistance in developing the latest version of Visual Studio, Advanced is still at the forefront of bespoke Microsoft development, using modern frameworks such as MVC, MVVM, and HTML5 single page web applications. We understand the benefits and limitations of traditional and modern development patterns and practices, and having undertaken that journey we are in an excellent position to work alongside your team to guide them through the changes required to use cloud frameworks to their full potential.

J2EE Development

Use of the open source technologies in the enterprise sector is no longer a question, but necessity for reducing ownership and operational costs.

Advanced Open Source Solutions expertise is focussed around using Java and Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) professional open source software to build cost effective, secure, flexible and reliable systems that can scale from small workgroups through to internet sites handling millions of requests per hour while interacting with complex “engine room” systems.

As a Red Hat partner and leaders in JBoss Development for over ten years, Advanced provides a comprehensive, quality service offering around Open-Source technologies.

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Cloud Solutions delivered with excellence in mind

Our recent Cloud Survey has shown that nearly 1 in 2 UK businesses are adopting a Cloud-first strategy to their technology investment and capitalising on the significant benefits offered by Cloud-based ERP solutions in the process.

We work alongside our customers to supply comprehensive and long term support for an ever-changing business environment.

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