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Statement on possible winter power outages 2022/23

We do not expect regional power interruptions this winter (2022/2023) to have a major impact on the availability of Advanced services or our ability to continue to serve our customers.

The National Grid has warned that in a ‘worst-case’ scenario the UK could face a series of power cuts during the winter of 2022/2023 if energy supplies are severely constrained.  If this were to be the case the Government may put in place its contingency plans including restrictions on consumption of energy for business users.

Advanced has in place contingencies to ensure that our services can continue to be provided without interruption.

Advanced Software as a Service (SaaS) Solutions

The majority of Advanced SaaS solutions are delivered via Amazon Web Services or Azure which are public cloud provisions.  We have in place contractual commitments that power will continue to be provided meaning there will be no interruption of availability in the event of a national power outage.

Advanced Hosting Services for Advanced Software & IT Outsourcing Provision

Advanced has data centres which host Advanced software applications for customers and from where we provide a managed service for our customers IT infrastructure in an outsourced capacity. 

All our data centres have independent power generation capabilities meaning that in the event of a National Grid power outage, we can switch to an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) capability in addition to power generators to ensure that IT equipment is appropriately managed during the transition from the National Grid provision to local power generation.

We test the switchover to independent power generation regularly and have the relevant support and maintenance provisions in place.   

Advanced Office Closures

The closure of any Advanced office due to the unavailability of power will not impact our ability to continue to serve and support our customers.  Our service delivery and support teams can work remotely either at home or from any of our office locations nationally.  Our offices are geographically spread throughout the UK (Newcastle, York, Birmingham and Ashford) as well as overseas (Australia, USA, Canada and India).

We are conducting business continuity and resilience exercises to rehearse the scenario of power outage testing the action plans we have in place for our teams. 

Our business continuity team are continually monitoring the status from National Grid and Government, adjusting our plans accordingly.

If you require any further information on our intended response to power interruption this winter, please contact your Account Manager.