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Bringing all your business systems together in one place – so you can get back to the heart of finance


Cloud Financials through MyWorkplace - All your business systems in one, unified platform.

A platform which saves your employees time on the daily tasks, giving you the space to focus on business strategy & bigger priorities so you can get back to the heart of Finance.

That's why we built MyWorkplace. One single sign-on gives your teams and people access to all the tools they need. When they need them. In one place.  Raise a PO. Book annual leave. Request travel. Buy stationery. All at the click of a button. Welcome to MyWorkplace.

Why MyWorkplace?




The pandemic has shown us that the workplace needs to be flexible to enable employees to work in the best possible way. The same can be said for the software we use at work. One size does not fit all - we should provide employees with the tools they need in a way which enables them to focus and unleash creativity and success.



With more meetings and more apps then ever before - achieving productivity in the workplace is becoming increasingly challenging. MyWorkplace has been built to enhance user productivity with quick and simple tools to help employees get the job done.



To make timely business decisions, users need to be able to readily access accurate and up-to-date information at their fingertips. MyWorkplace is designed to unify business systems and make it simple to access data insights across your organisation, meaning actionable insight is just a click of a button away.

MyWorkplace Overview

MyWorkplace has been designed to help you work the way you want to. Regain your focus. Release your creativity. Achieve more.


Products available through MyWorkplace

MyWorkplace provides single sign-on to our Cloud software, meaning users have quick, simple access to key features and functionality specific to their job role.

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Finance is more than balancing books

Cloud Financials on MyWorkplace provides finance teams and leaders with easy access to core finance functionality. This can be checking expenses, approving an invoice or viewing a dashboard or report plus much more. It enables finance teams to focus on strategy and performance, not just balancing the books. 

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Making HR more human

Using MyWorkplace enables HR teams to have more space to focus on people management strategy, not the day-to-day distractions. One single sign-on gives both HR teams and employees one central place for all HR-related actions and activity.

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Explore features & functionality

MyWorkplace enables users to achieve more by doing less, but in order to do so it is driven by some key features and functionality. Take a further look at the techy stuff and find out how it all works.



Personalise your digital desk with your most important applets

Relieve system fatigue

One screen to access all your Advanced solutions, remove the admin and focus on what's important with your digital desk

Easy access to applications and workflows

Each applet represents a short activity (e.g. raising a PO, booking annual leave or inputting expenses)

Improve productivity

Having easier access to applications and workflows means you and your teams can do more with less getting in the way



Combined list of activities from all connected applications

Task Manager

A built-in Task Manager that identifies user-related tasks from across all your shared Advanced applications

Automatically completed for you

Next step actions, entry of data, reassigning or escalating activities can all be automated

Get on top of admin 

Make sure your to do list is always up to date with inbuilt notifications when something new comes in

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MyWorkplace includes a store - a simple and easy way to find new ways to be productive

Access subscriptions to our suite of software

With all our offerings and partner solutions in one place, you can easily find a solution to suit your needs

Build out your Desk as you want it

Mix and match Applets and applications from the store to ensure that you have the right tools to complete your work

Let us help your teams be more productive

Give your teams access to more tools they need, all accessible via the MyWorkplace platform

Our HR software has an Advanced Virtual Assistant (AVA) incorporated to help you manage your tasks easily.


More than ever before, our work needs to be easier and our people more productive 

Making work easier

AVA can surface the information your HR team needs, as they need it. Spend less time searching and more time doing

Boost employee engagement

65% of people within your organisation are either keen to adopt, or open to discovering, new technology. The time has never been riper to adopt new tech

Eliminate business distractions

With repetitive and manual tasks taken care of, you can focus on strategy and really making a difference to your people, your customers and your business

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Hear from our CEO

Gordon Wilson

"MyWorkplace is built on our vision that technology should be easy to access, simple to personalise and give you time back in your day rather than steal it. In our new world of work, having powerful tools at our fingertips to boost productivity has never been more important. We have customers in a whole range of sectors, from SMEs to enterprise organisations, and we know that one size does not fit all. MyWorkplace delivers the tools you need to exceed the goals you have set, providing you with actionable insights and increased productivity."

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