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Complete care business management for service users and providers
Blog //28-03-2023

Complete care business management for service users and providers

by Health and Care, OneAdvanced Public Sector

Every aspect of a service users care should be considered and accommodated when they’re being supported. Having a comprehensive care management system is important for providing care for the whole person whilst having full visibility of business needs.

Almost 2 million requests for social care support from 1.4 million new clients were made between 2021-22. And with a growing population, it will inevitably mean that demand for adult social care will increase.

The People at the Heart of Care whitepaper, published by the Department of Health and Social Care in 2021, explains that ‘…the core purpose of adult social care should be to help [service users] to maintain or gain their independence, allowing them to have control over their lives.’ And to ensure ‘technology is fully utilised to enable proactive and preventative care, and to support people’s independence’.

In this article, we’ll be exploring how social care users and providers can look to achieve complete care management when utilising the right digital tools, no matter the type of care.

How does complete care management benefit service users?

Personalised care

Personalisation of care gives your service users freedom to choose how their care is delivered. And when someone draws on social care support, it’s important to consider the needs of the whole person. This is because the support they receive for their health and wellbeing encompasses every area of development - including social, emotional, behavioural, and physical needs.

All care providers (no matter what type of care they deliver) must ensure that they give their service users as much choice as possible, having their preferences outlined and regularly updated within their care plan. This may include critical needs like their dietary allergies and medication as well as non-critical needs such as food likes and dislikes, hobbies they pursue or knowing where they prefer to spend their time throughout the day.

A digital solution has the advantage of offering a thorough ‘About Me’ profile that gives care workers a clearer understanding of their service users’ individual needs and preferences. And because these systems are designed to be used at the point of care, staff always have access to client care plans whether they’re online or offline.

Consistency of care

Social care settings act as the service users’ home or support network, so not only do they need to feel as though they’re in a safe and welcoming environment, but they need to have all their care needs met throughout their entire contact with the service. This means continuity - receiving the same high-quality care, no matter who or when the care is being delivered.

Accessing care plans at the point of care equips your staff the current needs and preferences of their client, helping to ensure consistent support throughout their clients’ care journey. But it also means that real-time feedback can be given to the family and care managers where necessary, to ensure care delivery is safe and accurate.

A digital solution reduces your reliance on manual processes and helps ensure that all types of information - from client care plans to business functionalities - are fully up to date and aren’t duplicated. Helping remove potential data silos and freeing up time for your staff to spend interacting with their clients and building stronger connections.

How does care management software benefit care organisations?

By having comprehensive, real-time digital data at hand, care coordinators can give each other accurate handovers and provide personalised care to their clients all whilst you have full oversight of any business needs.

Total visibility

Bespoke dashboards give you information from all areas of the business - even if there are complex structures and multiple locations – by removing data silos that cause a lack of clarity. Dashboards are a graphical and interactive representation of the business, so now you can drill down to the specific data needing review / edits.

Avoid expensive agencies

Instead of turning to expensive agencies, turn to robust digital business insight. See where staff shortfalls are in advance, to allow for preparation for surges in demand. By being able to see where you may have gaps in your workforce, you’re able to target your recruitment efforts before consulting an agency for expensive cover.

Quick recruitment

Imagine reducing time to hire, getting staff onboarded quickly, confidently, and happily so great people aren’t lost before they even start.

Digital functionalities for applicant management, recruitment compliance as well as induction training and shadowing speeds up the recruitment process. Welcoming staff into your organisation, feeling secure in their knowledge, quicker.

Improve retention

Do you want to be the employer of choice, retain great staff by providing work opportunity and flexibility, that helps employees manage their busy lives?

Support your staff by monitoring welfare and overseeing learning and development opportunities to encourage their ongoing goals. Advanced Care Cloud enhances efficiency by showing care workers clear details of the people they support and giving them a quicker way to record their visits.

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