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How Cloud Forms is creating stability during changes to the AP1 process
Blog //29-03-2022

How Cloud Forms is creating stability during changes to the AP1 process

by Doug Hargrove, SVP - Legal, Professional Services, Distribution, Logistics, Manufacturing

From November, HM Land Registry is changing the way it’s accepting applications to change the Register, moving away from scanned or PDF versions of AP1 forms and towards a digital-first application through the Land Registry’s portal.


The Land Registry is removing the option to upload PDF versions of the AP1 either hard-copy or digitally printed, and instead is moving towards its digital AP1 service, answering a series of questions so as to provide a valid dataset for land.


How it impacts you and how Cloud Forms can help


This is likely to affect a great number of solicitors and conveyancers who for years has been using the standard AP1 form and uploaded the scanned or digital PDF version.


Instead, solicitors and conveyancers will have to find an alternative solution. Whether that be to go through the portal application manually or use a case management solution to populate these questions for you instantly.


Cloud Forms, a digital form creator, pre-populates the fields for the AP1’s digital application directly from your case management system to ensure accuracy and speed when submitting AP1s.


The Land Registry hopes to reduce the number of requisitions and failed applications from incorrectly filled out AP1 forms as part of this move, and with Cloud Forms you can reduce the chances even further.


When do I need to take action?


Land Registry have provided a year’s notice to ensure users of their services are fully prepared for their revised requirements and with over half a year left, now would be the perfect opportunity to review your post-completion practices.


Cloud Forms offers the trusted functionality of our desktop forms software but enhances performance with the efficiency of Cloud technology. This platform provides a flexible, all-in-one solution with forms in both paper and digital format to make the submission process much smoother. Cloud Forms can be easily integrated with the additional systems your firm relies upon.


Complete our form below to find out more about how Cloud Forms can streamline your case management and mitigate any issues from the change to the AP1 process.


Want more information about the changes to AP1? Click here to watch our 20-minute talk on the changes and how Cloud Forms can help.

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Doug Hargrove

Doug Hargrove


SVP - Legal, Professional Services, Distribution, Logistics, Manufacturing

Doug joined OneAdvanced in 2013 via an acquisition, and brings over 25 years of senior management experience in software companies in the UK and globally.

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